Benefits Of Drinking Smoothies

So apparently I’m on a smoothie high since that’s all I can seem to talk about these days right?
The truth is that I am a firm believer in the fact that health and weightloss is not in the big things we give up no, but in the small decisions that we make everyday. It’s the small tweaks we make to our diets and the extra walks we take and the many times we choose to use the stairs instead of the elevators.

That’s why I am advocating that more and more of you make and drink these smoothies. This way you’ll be dropping the weight, getting healthier and glowing more without even making too much effort.

Anyway if you didn’t already know, we are on a 30 day smoothie challenge and I just wanted to highlight the specific advantages of having these smoothies.

  • Weightloss: I almost feel like this is a well know fact but I’ll go ahead and state it again. On average, your meals might have been anywhere between 400+ to about 600 calories. However, most of the smoothies on my 30 day smoothie challenge are less than 300 calories. A simple math will show that you’re getting more value less. Eating or should I say drinking more nutritious and filling meals on less calories, thereby leading to weightloss over a period of time.
  • Glowing skin: the most basic inquiry into making your skin glow will tell you that an increased water/fruit intake is the answer or at least 70% of it. What does a smoothie give you? Both water and fruits in a delicious combination for that matter. Each smoothie on my 30 day plan is a combo of two or more fruits and this means you’re getting at least a double dose of fruits plus water. The result is an almost instant noticeable glowing skin.
  • More health: most fruits have a high dose of vitamins that we don’t get to have enough of in our day to day eating. The easiest way to ensure you’re getting your recommended dose of vitamins, is to up your fruits/vegges intake, which you can easily do by taking smoothies. There is also the added advantage of removing most of the toxins and other wastes that our bodies don’t need anymore. The result of all this is increased health.

I do hope that with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince you that smoothies are the easiest way to get fit and healthy, so get a copy of my smoothie guide and let’s get to drinking!

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