Alcohol Is Not Your Weightloss Buddy

First thing I want to know guys, how was your Christmas? Please let me know in the comments and by the way, did you prep any of the yummy food recipes we’ve been sending?

So it’s the 26th and I know it’s the unofficial outing with adult friends day AND, a lot of us are going to be doing some drinking because that’s what adults do right?

Not to be the kill joy guys but I thought I’d share this secret with you for the new year.

*Reduces voice to a whisper* alcohol is not your weightloss buddy.

Yes ladies, this could jolly well we’ll be the one reason some of you are not seeing  the drastic change in your weightloss journey.

A little champagne here, some beer there and shots on girls night out may really be hindering your progress ladies.

Most times, we look at alcohol like water so we don’t know the calories are adding up.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the calories for each alcohol you’re consuming.

1 Glass of wine – 83

1 shot of vodka/whiskey/tequila/beer – 92, 105, 64, 200.

And we all know nobody has just one glass or one shot.

So you may already be consuming 500 calories before even eating and it’s all adding up.

So in the new year ladies, how about we drink more water to help our livers and weightloss generally.

Cheers to an amazing new year ladies 🥂🥂

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