5 Exercise Tips For Pregnancy

Hello ladies!!!

First of all, if you are a new mom, I want to say a huge congratulations to you and wish you a most beautiful, healthy and successful pregnancy and birth.

As most of you know, I shared my pregnancy journey and most of my exercise routines with my online audience and I got a lot of questions about what exercises to do, the intensity of it and so I decided to share a blog with you ladies and let you know my best tips for exercise during pregnancy.


I know that most Moms deal with nausea and tiredness especially in the first trimester and as such, these are not exercises in themselves but tips to help you get enough strength and energy to actually exercise.

So that said, here are some tips to help you new or multiple times Mamas.


1) Drink lots of water; well I guess this point cannot be overemphasized in pregnancy and even life in general. Water is life ladies and is one of the essential requirements or tips to be able to exercise properly.

Water will quench thirst, aid blood flow and even lubricate your joints to help you move around and exercise.

So keeping your water levels very high is important as a tip for exercising as a pregnant woman.

I know most moms struggle with taking water so feel free to infuse your water, so that it is easier to drink.

2) Avoid Sugar; someone is probably rolling their eyes at me right now and going well I have cravings, I’m well aware of the cravings and that’s why I said try to avoid the sugar if you can.

This is because most of those sweets are not natural sugars but empty calories and make you eat so much that you end up feeling too tired to move and weak and as a result, it inhibits you from exercising instead of aiding you.

So please take your energy from your healthy carbs and protein but leave out the raw and refined sugar.

3) Start small; especially if you have not previously been exercising, your pregnancy is not a time to begin  doing all the high impact workouts. I would advise you to start small with walking for a few minutes and squatting as allowed by your doctor.

You can then gradually increase your pace and speed as needed.

4) Get Enough Sleep; I cannot overemphasize this Mamas, you probably won’t have enough energy at anytime talk more of when you’re pregnant if you’re bust scrolling on Instagram till 3 am in the morning.

So please take your shower, and go to bed. A good nights sleep will make you feel rested and good enough to work out in the morning.


5) Just Do It; exercise and fitness hardly comes natural for anyone and requires great amounts of discipline and consistency.

So please try to do some exercise each day no matter how little.

Some days might be harder but the most important thing is to keep at it.

Those are my top 5 tips ladies, they best thing about them is that they’re easy to implement.


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