Walk The Weight Off

We’re little more than halfway through November and I thought we should talk about our challenge for the month.

So if you’re just receiving this email and didn’t know about it, don’t worry, you still have about 2 weeks and additional information to help you make it better/easier.

For some people, they’re just starting out with fitness and they’re not able to do anything too intense, or they’re pregnant and reluctant to do anything with too much intensity and finally, there’s those who just want to lose this weight but without going at it fiercely in the gym. Whatever your needs are, let’s learn how walking the weight off works!!

While walking may not seem intense enough and some people actually roll their eyes like, come on, that doesn’t work, walking is a wonderful, low impact but high results yielding workout.

Did you know that walking at an average speed with average intensity for a mile, burns off an amazing 90 calories? Yes yes, 90 calories and a mile is averagely a 15 minute walk (for those who aren’t sure).

So let’s do a quick maths shall we? Walking for 90 minutes per day can help you burn a whopping 540 calories. Now since the minimum daily recommended calories for weightloss is 500 calories, I’d say you’re doing pretty well.

In addition to helping your weightloss, walking is great for your joints since it’s really low impact. It also helps to stretch your joints and release them if you’re preparing to do more intense workouts later on and while it’s always advisable to check with your OB first, walking is almost universally recommended for pregnant women as it’s low impact but extremely beneficial.

Now imagine taking that up a notch by walking faster, on uphill surfaces and carrying weights, you’ll literally be dropping off the weight like water and not overly exert yourself.

Here are a few points to help you lose the weight;

1) Make it intense; try to increase the intensity of your walking by swinging your arms or using weights and walking as fast as you can.

Pro tip; try walking the way you so when you’re trying to catch your flight or catch your boss who is already downstairs.

2) Make it fun; I know someone already thought, how will I be walking for 90 minutes? Well, make it a fun activity, do it in a group with your friends, grab your dog, add your music or loop two podcasts you’ve been wanting to listen to.

3) Use Comfortable Shoes; just because it’s low impact doesn’t mean you should not use proper gear, so get a very comfortable shoe so that you can really walk long and well.

4) Get Creative; if you absolutely don’t have the time, then walk to and fro work or at least halfway, help your colleagues run their errands in the office, use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to and fro the store for your groceries.

As they say while debating, with these few points of mine, I hope I’ve convinced you to ask your walking more seriously. We still have two weeks left in the month ladies, let’s grab our shoes and walk the weight off!!

I always want to hear from you, how well have you engaged this month’s challenge and now you know it’s effective, what do you plan to do to incorporate it?

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