Toyin K

“So, I decided to do something about my weight; eating habits and fitness level. My first workout, as part of the group, was on 23rd of May, 2016. It is one year today that I signed up to ALF group; have I reached my desired weight? NO, (food won’t let somebody be great!) but I have gained so much more in the past year—no, not the weight. Let me share some of my new knowledge with you. Fitness and healthy eating A year ago, if someone told me I could run half a marathon in 1.27hrs in my living room, I would have said in another lifetime. If someone had said that I could go a whole week without eating RICE? I would have said they were joking. Guess what? I actually didn’t eat rice for a month! Endurance I have learnt to push myself beyond my comfort zone, and do things that I never imagined I could do, like go running at 4.30am a er only 2 hours of sleep! Spiritual Growth I have seen a change in this area of my life, as my running time doubles up as my prayer, worship and soul searching time. I also challenged myself this year to pray or study the bible for the same length of time I work out, which is a minimum of 30minutes; this is still work in progress. Relationships / Sisterhood Where do I start from? Okay, I never knew it was possible to form close/ tight/strong bonds with people I have never set eyes on, in di erent time zones and different parts of the world. This is what I have gained most from joining this group, and it is also very precious to me.”

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