The AL Workout Playlist

Hello ladies,

I am super excited about this post  because I love my music when I work out.

Who can feel me on this one? There’s just something about some fast beat music blaring in your ears while you also pump out good sweat. The merger of the two is just exciting.

I also incorporate a lot of dancing into my workouts, and as such, music is the best booster for it.

That said, as much as I like music while working out, I am actually quite particular about the KIND of music I listen to, during this period.

On that note, here’s my workout playlist, enjoy and share!!!

1) My all time favorite song for workout just has to be DJ khaled  ”A I Do Is Win”

What’s not to love about it, fast beat, strong lyrics and the can do attitude pouring out of every beat. This song is a winner anytime for me and you can listen here


2) Werk by Cuppy. So the beat of this song isn’t the fastest you can find out there, but the hand clapping is just such a winner for me and coupled with the fact that the video was shot in a workout setting, it deserves a place on this list. You an listen to it here,

3) So Ciara’s song Level Up is an entire mood 🙌🙌🔥🔥. I am not even going to say too much about this one but the beat, the entire mood of the song has me screaming, yes. Here’s the link ladies

4) Jayz’s Encore is so soul stirring!!! The powerful voice and the lyrics!!! Listen here ladies

5) You already know I had to add a Naija song to the mix. David’s FIA is definitely a workout hit song. The beats are fast, the song is fast and it’s definitely a vibe. Here’s the link ladies

There you have it ladies!!! Our workout playlist. Of course it’s more than this but you get the vibe right?

Cheers to a week of working out and enjoying quality music while at it ladies 🙌🙌.

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