Recipe Of The Month; Garlic Shrimp Pasta

So if you’re like me, and by that I mean a foodie like me, you will understand when I say I get bored really easily with food.

I really do not like to eat the same thing over and over and over again. This can be a big struggle for most people as well, and that’s why I always try to share these recipes with you all, so that you can try something different for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I mean, we must not always go to some fancy restaurant before we eat right? We can cook up a really fancy meal at home, by ourselves and enjoy it.

Another confession, I am an absolute pasta lover. What’s there not to love though? It’s yummy, can be made healthy and super quick to whip up as well.

Well, this recipe is a merge of two things I love, pasta and shrimp.

So get ready to cook up a storm this week ladies, enjoy this recipe for a Garlic Shrimp Pasta from


Let’s get cooking…..


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