Monthly Challenge; No Soda

Happy International Women’s Days to all the beautiful and amazing women in my community and women everywhere. I love and celebrate you all. Cheers to constantly pushing the boundaries and creating a more balanced world for ourselves and the young girls coming behind us.

That said, who’s up for a challenge this month? Before I talk about the challenge, let us just solve some quick and easy maths.

How many sodas do you consume daily ? One, two or three? One with a meal, one when you want your mouth to be busy and finally, one with your dinner. In a month, even if you take one a day,Ā  that is between 30 and 90 bottles and between 6000 and 18000 calories šŸ˜²šŸ˜²šŸ˜².

A soda is not a meal, so it doesn’t even satisfy you and most times you take it off handedly without considering how high it’s caloric content can be. Little wonder some of us don’t see enough change in our bodies and not quick enough, even though we are working out.

Now while I am not saying that you should never drink another soda, what I am saying however is that you should be mindful of how much you’re taking in the grand scheme of thing, how many empty calories you’re consuming, and how much sugar you’re taking into your system.

This is why, as a tribute to our health, to our fitness goals and our general well being, I decided that we do a challenge to be soda free for a month. It takes 21 days to start a habit and 90 days to enforce it and as such, I thought to begin a journey of reducing our soda intake, so that we can continue on the journey and be in control of our health.

This is how we are going to do it. We will go all the days in March without taking soda and for every time that the temptation comes, drink a bottle of cold water first and if symptoms persist, drink a homemade fruit juice and if symptoms persist further, slide in my DM or send an email and I will pray with you šŸ¤£šŸ¤£.

On a serious note ladies, let us do this for our health and our general well being. I know that we are strong enough to do this, so let’s do it šŸ’ŖšŸ’Ŗ

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