How To Have A Cleaner Workout Experience

Fitness hygiene is an extension of your hygiene and you must pay attention to it in the gym and your personal fitness space.

If you share a gym with others, you might need to adopt some measures to avoid gym germs. You want to have a clean workout session that leaves you feeling pumped and not with some sickness.

So here are a few tips for getting a cleaner workout session at home and in the gym

Wipe And Wash

You must keep your little area in the gym or at home clean. If you’re in the gym, wipe down the equipment and sanitize your hands before starting your routine.

This is important because it helps maintain good sanitary conditions for you, preventing you from coming in contact with any germs around.

Wash Your Gear

Sometimes we have a gym bag we’ve used for months without washing. Those bags can have fungi growing in them because they are moist most of the time and that can contaminate your other stuff.

Wash your dirty gym clothes immediately and don’t forget your gym shoes too, they can also harbour germs and we tend to forget about them. Put them in a plastic bag to prevent contaminating your gym bag.

Skip A Day

If you wake up with a bad cold or flu symptoms, you should skip the gym that day. You don’t want to infect others or compromise your weakened immune system.

This also applies if you have an open wound. One missed day won’t hurt and it’ll help prevent you from getting even sicker.

Use Gym Facilities Smartly

Using gym facilities like the showers should be done smartly. You can wear flip flops to provide a barrier between your feet and the floors but don’t forget to disinfect the flip flops once in a while so fungal spores won’t proliferate.

Also, don’t use the hot tubs or jacuzzis if you have any open wounds. You not only transmit bacteria but you are more likely to contact those already in the water.


These are just a few tips for having a cleaner workout experience. Falling sick from unsanitary gym conditions is the direct opposite of why we go to the gym and we don’t want that so take all these precautions and have a rejuvenating workout.

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