Here’s How To Stay Healthy This Summer

Summer is here and everyone is ready to have fun! Summertime often involves a ton of outdoor activities and fun with the family since most of the children are out of school. With these activities come the risk of compromising your health and we have put together some tips to prevent that from happening.


Eat Fresh Summer Food

You’ll be expending a lot of energy and that might do damage to your body tissues. Loading up on food like berries helps reduce that. At every meal try and have space for fresh produce.


Stay Hydrated 

Summertime is almost always hot and combined with all the activities, you’ll be losing a lot of water. So, it’s important to stay hydrated. Try and take at least two to three litres of water every day and take even more when you sweat a lot. 


Protect your skin

During summer, we tend to be outdoors a lot. We spend time on the beach, in parks and in other places. This puts us under direct sunlight and that can be damaging to our skin in the long run. That’s why you always have to wear sunscreen. 

It serves as a barrier from the harmful UV rays from the sun, therefore, preventing some skin issues. So, always have a tube of sunscreen handy this summer. 


Sleep well

This is super important because many times you’re drowned with summer activities and you forget to sleep well. This ends up impacting your health in the long run. Don’t stay up too late and try to keep a regular sleep schedule and your body will thank you.


These are just a few tips for summer. Also, avoid overdrinking alcohol and try and engage in outdoor workout regimes, your body needs exercise and the daylight. I hope you have an amazing summer! 

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