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3 Healthy Meals You Can Prep in 30 Minutes

Look, sometimes you just want to prep and eat your food in 30 minutes. You don’t always want to go very fancy, you just want to prepare your meals and eat them quickly. So if you will like get your hands on 5 new meals that can be prepped in 30 minutes, keep reading! Korean


5 Wrong But Popular Weightloss Myths

Having worked as a fitness Coach and nutritionist to thousands of people across the world trying to lose weight, I can say I have just about heard it all. From the weightloss myths about what time to eat, to the ones about certain food types, the claims are endless. I want to bust those weightloss


5 Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals.

There’s something about a new year that makes everyone excited and on a high. It’s probably a combination of the happiness that comes from the knowledge that we made it to a new year, or the sense of wonder of what the new year holds, but whatever it is, it makes us believe we can


Christmas Gifts For A #Fitgirl

It’s Christmas again ladies and I’m so excited to unveil a new holiday gift guide for all my #fitgirls. So I know that most times, we do our Christmas shopping and shop for everyone but ourselves. We can easily forget to spare some money and get a gift for ourselves or sometimes we’re even at


New Year Challenge: Lose 50 Pounds In 100 Days

Yes, you read that right. We are starting 2020 with a bang! So 2020 is very special because it’s not just the start of a new year but the start of a new decade as well, are you ready for it? Working with my clients to help them lose weight and get fit, I’ve realized

Image shows two healthy drinks.

Smoothies And Your Weightloss

DISCLAIMER: These are views of a smoothies obsessed Coach 😊. Lol, but really what’s not to love about smoothies? They’re quick, easy, tasty and very filling. I’m not saying you have to be obsessed will smoothies like me no! What I’m saying though is that smoothies are really helpful for you on your weightloss journey


Tips To Keep Your Weight In Check During The Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone or is it too early lol. I am sorry but I am one of those people who get excited about Christmas from October. Anyway, this post isn’t about me and my unnecessary excitement during Christmas instead, it’s rather my early Christmas present to you. So I know that once the holiday season


A Busy Mum’s Guide to Staying Healthy – April Laugh

Struggling to stay healthy while managing work and being a super mum? Discover my tips on healthy meal plans and more to take control of your lifestyle! It can be tricky to balance a hectic lifestyle with healthy living, especially when you’re a busy mum! There are so many easy, but unhealthy, food options out there,


What Does It Mean To Eat Clean?

What do you think? It definitely seems like every fitness blogger is talking about eating clean, clean eating, and the other many variations of this one phrase. The question though is that, is clean eating really all that? Does my eating affect my weightloss and fitness? I definitely agree that clean eating is an integral


4 Quick Healthy Dinner Ideas

You’re definitely in for a treat with this one 🍩. It’s only a few weeks to the end of the year and almost everyone is scrambling to hit their targets, goals and basically end the year strong 💪. So I quite understand that it’s very unlikely that you’ll get back home after a long day


Recipe of the month: Stir Fry Quinoa

So as you probably already know from following me online, healthy eating is a very big part of weightloss and fitness so I am constantly encouraging people to eat clean. However, a lot of people always say that healthy eating is boring (don’t know where they got that from 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️). Anyway, I’m here to burst


Staying Motivated During Weightloss

When you’re on a weightloss journey, the beginning is usually very exciting. You’re pumped, you have your goals written down and you’re confident that this time, you will actually lose the weight. Those first few weeks are great and you’ll definitely begin seeing results. However, the problem comes when it’s been a month or two,