Calorie Counting Like A Boss

There is so much information online concerning calorie counting but more importantly, painting it to be this awful thing, that saps you of the joys of eating and enjoying your food.

That is actually false and if anything, I think calorie counting liberates you to eat more of what you enjoy.

Sounds like an untruth right? Let me explain. If for example, you’re trying to lose weight and as such, you try to eat in a caloric deficit such that your daily recommended calorie intake should be 1300 calories, calorie counting will help keep you on track.

If you had a breakfast smoothie which amounted to 225 calories, a protein  packed lunch which was 450 calories and a salad dinner of 300 calories plus a snack of 100 calories, you’ve had a total of 1, 075 calories which leaves you to have that 225 calories extra to have that 200 calorie chocolate bar you have been wanting.

Did you see that? By counting your calories, you know what exactly you’re eating and how it contributes to your overall caloric intake for the day. It also helps you know when you can have a snack you want because you still have extra calories.

So really, calorie counting isn’t the enemy, instead it is used as a guide.

Now that I’ve corrected your previous assumption of it, let’s talk about how to count your calories like a boss.

The first thing to note is that your calorie counting should be done in accordance to your daily calorie intake.

This means that if you’re doing 1500 calories daily, then each meal should be about 400 calories with an allowance for two snacks in between.

You also need a scale in your kitchen ladies. You really want to be as accurate as possible so that you can see maximum results during this period.

You can also download apps like; My Fitness Pal, Fat Secret and Cronometer which can all estimate and record the calories in each meal you it.

That way, if you had a heavy breakfast, you can opt for a lighter lunch or skip the snacks.

There you have it ladies, enjoy calorie counting as a tool to aid weightloss and not as the enemy of enjoying your meals.

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