Yummy Mummy 101: Losing Weight After Childbirth

Between the baby waking you up at night, washing endless baby clothes, battling fatigue most of the time, being an emotional mess and trying to heal after childbirth, losing weight after childbirth looks like a faraway dream.

 Most new mothers can relate to the scenario I just painted. Tired days, tired nights, clothes that don’t fit anymore and trying to feel beautiful again after becoming a mommy for the first, second or third time.

Don’t worry mama, I have news to brighten your day but first, can I just say congratulations to you and well done on doing such a fantastic job already. Going through nine months of intense body changes, literally stretching your body to the max to bring your baby into the world and caring for your little one is no easy feat, so well done mama, you deserve a standing ovation.

 I can tell you to ensure you’re burning 1000 calories every day or to eat very little meals, but no, I don’t want to add another “to do” to your already full list so instead, I’m going to show you how you can lose weight without doing too much.

1) Drink even more water; I know the nurse already told you the importance of drinking enough water but beyond the benefits, it has for milk production and flows, it will greatly help your weight loss and even helps clear up your skin.

 When you drink a lot of water, it keeps you feeling fuller and therefore makes you eat less, thereby helping you lose weight. What’s a good quantity to start with? Aim to drink between 3 to four liters daily and you can either use alarms to keep you accountable or a huge water bottle.

2) Take long walks; I usually prescribe long walks for new moms because it’s the easiest exercise to do and doesn’t take any kind of toll or stress on your body. Even beyond the weight loss benefits, it helps you destress mentally. It also doesn’t take too much effort for the days you’re not feeling like wearing too much.

So put your baby in a stroller with their fave toys and take a few trips around your neighborhood. If that feels too much for you, slot in a Leslie Sansone Walk At Home video and walk in the privacy of your home.

3) Eat squeaky clean; what does this mean? Reduce your portions and eat more of protein and vegetables at each meal. Make a meal plan that allows you to enjoy lean protein and veggies with each meal. 

 Also, throw away that junk food and snack on fruits whenever you feel hungry or peckish outside meal times. By applying this three-fold rule of eating smaller portions, more protein, and veggies and snacking on fruits only, you can save yourself so many calories per day and end up losing so much weight from your food alone.

Finally, this isn’t a tip but more a pat on the back to say be patient with yourself, refuse the urge to snapback but take your time and take care of you.