Staying Motivated During Weightloss

When you’re on a weightloss journey, the beginning is usually very exciting. You’re pumped, you have your goals written down and you’re confident that this time, you will actually lose the weight. Those first few weeks are great and you’ll definitely begin seeing results.

However, the problem comes when it’s been a month or two, you still have some weight to lose and you’re beginning to feel demotivated. The truth is that motivation will only take you so far. At the end of the day, you need consistency and discipline to stick with your weightloss program and actually see lasting results.

So when the motivation dies down, what do you do?

  1. Find a buddy: it’s usually more difficult to thrive and get results in isolation. When you’re no longer feeling too pumped to work out or meal prep, a partner who has the same goals as you is sometimes the extra push you need to achieve your goal. This is why at April Laugh, we always place you in a group with a coach and other women with similar goals as you so that you’re continually motivated to work.

    If you’re thinking of how to find a partner, you can ask your friends and family in case anyone is interested. You can also find a partner on online fitness forums/groups and work together to meet your goals.

  2. Add Variety: people always say variety is the spice of life and they are right! Sometimes you’re simply bored of doing the same thing and just need a new routine, new meals and maybe even new scenery to keep things fresh and exciting.

    You can just find new recipes, new trainers online or even get a new set of workout gear. Just do what you need to do to keep things fresh and interesting.
  3. Make your goals SMART: I mean seeing some people’s goals, you can just see they’re setting themselves to get demotivated and fail. Don’t be unrealistic or put too much pressure on yourself.

    You can simply say, I want to lose 10kg in 12 weeks. To do that, I’ll do the following: drink 3 liters of water daily, cut out alcohol and sodas, snack on fruits and eat no more than 1500 calories daily.
  4. Celebrate the small wins: whether it’s being able to wear an old dress or losing a few inches around your waist, make sure to celebrate the small wins!