Your Body Is A Gift, Are You Loving It?

So Valentines day is upon us and it is the world acclaimed season of sharing love and celebrating it, and what better way to do this except to start by loving your own body. Most women will be honest enough to say that they love their bodies, but do they really?

Can you say you love your body when you hold out the fold on your waist and say “this looks disgusting,” or you refuse to update your wardrobe, wearing leggings and big shirts, refusing to dress it up and finally, can you say you love your body when you don’t try to eat healthy and exercise?

Now, this post is not to condemn and judge anyone, no! This post is to say, this month, we are learning to love ourselves, where we are and while on the way to where we want to be. Have you ever heard the saying about, “the destination is great but the journey there is to be enjoyed too?”

Let me tell you a story…

I attended a girls boarding school and when I was 13, and I saw a lot of girls in my class, getting breasts and having their first periods and my prayer became, Lord, please let me see my period soon and join the clique. You may laugh now, but it was a big deal to me and guess what, I finally did have the period.

However, before the periods, the extra curves of hips and painful swelling of my breasts, that skinny body allowed me be a cheerleader and run and dance without a bra in the way. That skinny body allowed me wear favourite pieces for 3 years running, because I could still fit them, that skinny body, allowed my dad have the energy to give me a piggy back ride every evening.

Now that I am a young career woman, my fuller and curvier body allows me wear the pencil skirts I always dreamed about, allows me strut in a 6 inch heel and turn heads during my presentation, allows me have more sass when I turn my head at the naysayers, allows me carry young children on my hips as I comfort them and will help me grow and bear my children when the time is right.

Why did I share this story? I am trying to walk you through the fantastic journey your body has been through. From your flat chest and skinny legs, to having breasts that filled out, hips that broadened and an ass that began to shake.

For some of you, your body has left the young and nubile 20’s shape, to more defined and rounded curves in your 30’s and to the more prominent 40 something versions of yourself, while all the while, retaining your identity.

For some of you, your body has carried another human being, feeding, nurturing and finally delivering a new person to the world. Some bodies have had to take the strain of caring for a family, business and climbing a career ladder.

Ladies!!! Your body has served you well, so in return, it’s time to care, nourish and most importantly LOVE YOUR BODY. So starting today, take a moment to admire the beautiful work of art, that is your body, the many contours and twists that show your journey, the warrior marks or stretch lines that formed to accommodate new life within you, the body that only you can have.

That’s not all though, let’s take it a step further and begin giving back to this body. Let’s make a commitment to cherish it, nourish it with the right amount of healthy food, instead of eating sweets all year long and let us activate it, by walking, running, lifting or doing any other exercise that forces our heart to get pumping and our blood, to get moving.

Cheers to a journey of self love and acceptance, while constantly reaching for our goals.

Cheers to our Wonder Woman bodies.

Cheers to you, me, us and every woman out in the world.

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Until next time, sending you love and kisses.




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