A Reflective Thanksgiving

As I stood in my kitchen making my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, after checking the turkey in the oven, turning the gravy and making sure everything was all good, I suddenly became reflective of what the season really was about.

I had already seen the jokes and comments on Instagram about getting ready to stuff our faces and eating till we have to let the zip of our trousers go and I had also seen the more reflective comments about people thankful for their loved ones and a chance to be alive.

I pondered on it all and it made me research on what Thanksgiving was really about, I wanted to know if it was about the abundant food or the gathering of family before the busy holidays?

I saw the history online talk about how the original celebrants used it to mark gratitude for the year they had and all the blessings they received. So of course, food was a lot since it was after a harvest, but the most important thing was the attitude of mindful thankfulness.

I began to reflect on my own attitude, am I really thankful for all the blessings I’ve received?

Before I allow you go back to your dinners, let me share a few of the questions I reflected on.

Am  I thankful that I can pick up my phone at any time to call family and friends? Am I thankful that my husband has walked through the door every night for the past 11 months? Am I thankful that my kids are mentally sound? Am I thankful that my job pays the bills? Am I thankful for my good health?

I urge you to say a prayer of Thanksgiving this evening with your loved ones. Whether your table is full of food or it’s your usual dinner, hold hands and say thanks for the blessings received so far.

I love to hear from you ladies, what are you most thankful for this year?

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