You’ve been hearing it everywhere, HIIT HIIT HIIT but also wondering what on Earth does all this mean and how can you also get some HIIT in.

Well basically HIIT, is an exercise that requires intensely high levels of performance or exercise, followed by a resting period that allows brief recovery.

This alternation between two speeds forces our bodies to get into a state of fat burning and increased metabolism.

So here are a few guidelines if you’re ready to take the plunge into HIIT;

1. Start small: if you’re just starting out in HIIT, please do not aim to do a 45 minutes or 50 minutes HIIT session.

Please aim for 15 or 20 minutes and gradually ease into it.

2. Fuel your body; HIIT takes a huge toll and places a huge demand on the body and as such, it is necessary to ensure that you have fueled your body for the task of HIIT ahead of you.

3. Stay Hydrated; dehydration is a big issue with HIIT because it calls on a lot of muscles and raises up the heart rate such that one can quickly become hydrated if not we’ll checked.

So please ensure to drink enough water before, during and after each HIIT session.

4. Warm Up; warm up is important in every exercise but especially for HIIT. Since it involves a lot of jumping, a lot of big movements, it is key that the joints in the body are properly warmed up and ready to work instead of just jumping into it.

There you have it, my top tips for HIIT as a beginner.

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