Evening Or Morning Workouts?

Hello ladies!!!

We have a debate on our hands today ladies, and it’s an interesting one. So before we begin, hello distinguished judges, accurate time keepers, my fellow debators (😊😊😊 I just had a highschool flashback).

Ok seriously, there are literally two teams for the appropriate Workout time.

There’s team A for morning Workouts, they be like I just got out of my bed, its a new day, I have my music and I  can conquer the world.

Then, there’s team B who be like, give me my weights, I need to relieve all the stress in from the meeting today, before I go home and beat someone and I want to see other fitfam people too.

While both teams have their solid points, I am definitely a team A girl BUT, I’ll be fair and highlight both pro’s and cons of both teams and their times.

Shall we get into it even though team A is the winner?

Team A (Morning Workouts)

I think working out in the morning is a sure way to ensure that you ACTUALLY workout, reason being that you’re very likely not to have an emergency or office dinner at 6:30 am in the morning.

A lot of times, people say they’re going to workout in the evening after work but by the time their boss is done with the project outline and the traffic gets in and the kids run around after dinner, you’re literally exhausted and then easily postpone and be like, I’ll start tomorrow.

But, in the morning, no emails yet, kids are sleeping and you can just get it done before any distractions pop up.

Also, exercise releases feel good hormones and energy for you to conquer your world that day. So honestly, why would I rather save my energy for the evening when I can just work out and go into the office with a winning attitude 🤷🤷.

Can we also talk about how occupied the gym is in the evening 😥😥. All the weights are literally taken and you’re busy waiting for someone to finish their set so that you can use the weights, how stressful is that 😭😭?


Team B (Evening Workouts)

About the only advantage they have here is that the gym will still be open and you can make friends, well I’m just trying to workout, I do  enough socializing at work 😬😬.


Ok seriously, since I said I’ll be fair, here it is.

Working out in the evening has certain perks like having enough time to workout without checking the time. Well, this is true since you’re already done with your tasks and can spend two hours there, but if you structured your time well, you could have your two hours in the morning too, 🤷🤷.. I’m just saying.

Since we are not trying to be anti social this year, I understand that evening Workouts afford you the opportunity to go to the gym with a buddy, share a few laughs and a few talks among other things and so I can see the attraction especially if *coughs* you’re single *coughs* 😉😉

Well right now, I can only imagine that these are the benefits of working out in the evening and it boils down to a choice.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re working out in the morning, evening or during your lunch break, honey as long as you’re actually working out and putting in the effort, give yourself a pat on the back.

That said, I’m now throwing it you, my distinguished audience (okay I am reminiscing again) but really, it’s your choice mama, do whatever rocks your boat and whole you’re at it, tag me in your pictures and cheers to living healthy lives all year round 🥂🥂



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  1. great write up! I am definitely a Team A. By evening, after work, my brain is wired to prepare dinner, eat and prepare for the next day. so Team B (evening work outs cannot work).


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