Benefits Of Swimming And How To Get Into It

Many of us have had visits to the pool, we’ve floated around in the blue water while sipping a drink or playing with friends but do you know that swimming in that pool has great health benefits?


Incorporating swimming into your routine allows you to burn calories without the impact other activities like running can have on your bones and joints. 


So, here are a few benefits of swimming:


Overall body workout

Arguably the biggest benefit of swimming is that it works out your whole body from head to toe. There are different kinds of strokes involved in swimming: backstrokes, freestyle, breaststroke etc, and these variations will help you get a full-body workout. 


Your heart gets a workout too

While your muscles are getting a great workout, your heart also benefits from it. Swimming has been shown to keep your heart and lungs strong without the risk of injury other workouts carry. 


Other studies have shown that it also helps lower your blood pressure and control your blood sugar. So, swimming is always a good idea.

Works for everyone.

Swimming is one of the safest exercise options. People who are injured, who have arthritis and other issues that make impact exercise difficult can always pick up swimming.


It’s also great for people with disabilities. If swimming is too intense, other water exercises are equally beneficial and you can try them out.


Pregnant women can also engage in swimming which is beneficial to both the mother and child. Just make sure you talk to your doctor and get clearance for these activities. 


These are just a few of the many benefits swimming offers. It can also boost your mood, help manage stress and even make you sleep better.


If you’re thinking of getting into swimming, make sure you start slow, you can even start strength training in the gym first before getting into the water. Also, take swimming lessons if you haven’t done it before, you’ll benefit from the tips the trainer will give you.


Finally, follow all the pool rules. Often, there are different lanes for different speeds. Ask for what works for you and stick to it and try to avoid actions that will interfere with the activities of other swimmers. And don’t forget to have fun!0

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