Fitness Changed My Life And Has Helped Me Change Lives Too

About five years ago, I was living and working in Lagos and honestly, at the time if you asked me, I didn’t think anything was wrong with my lifestyle. I was chilling because I was young, single, had a great job and even a baking business on the side, so you could say I had it all or so I thought.

But my health wasn’t as great as it should have been. I was usually tired, could go for days without emptying my bowels and all-round needed more energy. Still, I did nothing about it until things got to a head when I had to have my appendix removed. That was when I decided to do something about my health.

Luckily, when I entered into a healthy lifestyle competition, I won a free gym membership and that was when I really began to do the work necessary for a healthy life. At the time, it was not very convenient to wake up at 4:00 AM and do the over 20 kilometers drive to the island where my gym was, as well as prep healthy meals.

However, I soon began to see the changes. My bowel movement was very frequent, my skin was glowing and I had so much energy. At this point, I knew there was no more stopping, that fitness was going to be a lifestyle for me. When I met my now husband, I decided to also help him lose weight, and with the same principles of clean eating, exercise and consistency, he lost over 40 kg!

Since then, I’ve helped over a thousand men and women lose weight, get fit and get strong with the Lifestyle Change With April and I am so glad.

Every time I get feedback from clients who have stopped depending on their drugs, who have more energy, whose chronic pains have stopped, whose bowel movements have become regular and who have lost weight, I am thankful that I took that step to take care of my health and change my life, so that I can help others too.