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You don’t need to waste another dime on a gym membership you use once in a month. April Laugh now offers LIVE home workouts. Truth is, your body doesn’t recognize if you’re in a hole, gym or at home, as long as you’re putting in work to achieve your goals, that’s all that counts. Save some travel time, travel expenses by joining our fun live home workouts daily on Instagram/Zoom for only £50 for 12 weeks! Cheaper than your gym membership with no motivation or accountability. As we all know that most gyms are presently closed due to the lockdown but we're not allowing that to interrupt with our healthy living. We all need the motivation to keep going for our mental health and general well being! With our live workouts, you tune in live to workout with me daily, get expert advise on the types of workout to do to tone your arms, close your diastasis recti, grow your booty or just lose weight!

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