I learnt this the HARD way! How to QUIT YO-YO DIETING, How to LOSE YOUR MUMMY POUCH WITHOUT A BELT and transform your mindset for a lasting lifestyle change. 

About the April Laugh MasterClass

Thank you for your interest in this MasterClass. This MasterClass is for you if you want to lose weight the healthier way, you want to lose your belly fat, you want to close your Diastasis Recti gap after you've had a baby or you just want to learn more on how nutrition can boost your fertility. I'll also be showing you how to transform your well-being and break the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and make it a lifestyle. Take your mind & body transformation to a brand new level with me on this online MasterClass.

on this webinar

You'll learn about...

How to boost your fertility with weight loss and nutrition.

How to heal your Diastasis Recti & lose your stomach fat.

The 5 Strategic Ways to Lose Body Fat.

The 5 Miracle Foods to speed up weight loss.

The right tools & skills to maintain your weight loss progress.

Host: April Laugh

My name is April - a weight loss coach and certified food nutritionist. I started the LifestyleChangeWithApril after helping my husband lose over 40kg in 8 months. I design fitness programs, nutrition courses which focuses on the development of healthy habits for life.

I'm also a mom of two precious kids. I had a c-section with my son and everyone couldn't believe how I 'snapped back'! I recently had my daughter via a Natural Birth and my progress has been inspiring thousands of people on my Instagram page.

I've been on both sides of delivery so I know what you're struggling with but don't worry! I'm here to share all my strategies, secrets, specific meals for belly fat loss and how I've been able to get my body back after both babies. This can be your story too, after this impactful webinar.

April Laugh was created to help you reach your healthiest body shape and stay that way for good. We believe that everyone can live a fit and healthy lifestyle — when you feel good on the inside, you feel amazing on the outside!

We believe…

  • Good nutrition shouldn’t include food restrictions
  • Everyone has what it takes to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Communities of goal-driven people are super fierce

Join our community of amazing healthy people living their best life on the #LifestyleChangeWithApril.

Venue: Zoom

Webinar Date & Time:

Thursday 30th April/ 7:30 PM (UK TIME)


I am giving you access to watch the replay

 The webinar has now ended but you can still watch the replay. Learn how to change the way you think about shrinking your tummy, losing weight, and keeping it off.

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