Premium 1:1 Coaching With April

If you’re struggling to lose weight on your own, you’re far from alone. Whether you’re an expectant mother, a new mum, or your diet and exercise have taken a hit since the onset of the pandemic, investing in a fitness or weight-loss coach can make all the difference. A good coach makes a difficult journey much easier and more enjoyable for anyone, especially those that find group settings difficult.

April’s Premium Coaching is here for anyone who is ready to get serious about losing weight and keeping it off. You will benefit from the years of experience I have as a personal nutritionist and weight-loss coach and the regular support and feedback I provide. Our sessions will teach you more about what you can do to improve your overall well-being while making sure you stay encouraged, disciplined, and inspired to complete your weight-loss journey.

Monthly Weight Loss Coaching

After booking an initial appointment, we will begin your weight loss journey and our relationship with a detailed lifestyle audit. This evaluation enables me to get a clearer picture of your current circumstances and identify any potential actions you can take or changes you can make to kickstart your progress. From then on, your personalised coaching program will include all of the following:

– A weekly 30 minutes face-to-face virtual coaching session via zoom.

– Unrestricted access to my complete library of online resources.

– Personalised meal plans

– Personalised Workout Program

– Regular honest and supportive feedback on your progress, including constructive suggestions for how you can improve your results.

How much does it cost?

You can either chose to invest £495 per month or get 3 months of professional weight loss coaching for £1295. If you think my coaching services could be just what you need to start shedding those pounds, contact me today to discuss your needs and discover how I can help you.

Virtual Coaching With April

Power Chat 60mins

£ 150 per chat
  • 60 Min Video Consultation Via Zoom
  • Consultation on Pregnancy
  • Consultation on Weaning
  • Consultation on Weight Loss
  • Get answers/clarity on burning questions
  • Follow-up via email on actionable steps to follow

Monthly Personalised Coaching

see amazing results
£ 495 Monthly
  • 4 Week Personalised Plan
  • 2 Hour Video Consultation Via Zoom
  • Customised Meal Plans
  • Full access to my online resources
  • Access to live workout sessions
  • Unlimited feedback on your journey
  • Constructive suggestions for how to improve

12 Week Premium Personalised Coaching

£ 1295
  • 12 Weeks Personalised Plan
  • 2 Hours Monthly Video Consultation Via Zoom
  • Customised Meal Plans
  • Full access to my online resources
  • Access to live workout sessions
  • Unlimited feedback on your journey

My Name is April Laugh

I’m a published author, professional fitness coach, wife, mother of two children, and certified nutritionist. Supported by a fierce and dedicated community of women, I design personalised fitness programs and nutrition plans focused on helping my clients develop lifelong healthy habits.

I am passionate about helping clients lose weight and dedicated to ensuring their success.
But helping clients lose weight is only part of what I do. I also help my clients lead healthier lives and find the motivation they need to make permanent lifestyle changes.

I have helped thousands of people from more than 25 countries achieve just that. When I’m not creating new healthy recipes or consulting with my clients, I’m visiting new places with my family or reading a new book. 

Find me on all social media channels: @fitmrsfats