Virtual 1:1 Coaching With April

Are you struggling to lose weight on your own? Are you a pregnant mom or new mom? I can give you ongoing feedback, encouragement and accountability in a regular coaching relationship. 

Investing in a nutritionist or fitness coach makes your journey easier and more enjoyable, especially for people that don’t thrive in a group setting. 

  1. If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off, personal coaching will make all the difference in your weight loss journey. 

  2. You will benefit from my many years of experience as a personal nutritionist/weight loss coach and receive regular feedback on your progress.

  3. During our video call sessions, you’ll not only learn what you can do to improve your wellbeing but feel encouraged, disciplined and inspired to reach your goals. 

April Laugh


Once you’re all booked in, our coaching relationship begins with a detailed evaluation of your present lifestyle and action points for you to  take. Following this, your coaching programme includes:

  • Two hours of face-to-face coaching each month via Zoom.
  • Full access to my online resources and tailored meal plans and live workout sessions. 
  • Unlimited feedback on your journey, with constructive suggestions for how to improve and see amazing results. 

Investment: £395 monthly or £995 for 3 months. If you think this personalised coaching could be a good fit for you, contact me today to discuss how I can help. 

April Laugh

A consultation via Zoom for staying fit and healthy during pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different and each woman has different challenges during pregnancy. Together, we can create a plan that works for you to stay fit and healthy all through your pregnancy. 

A consultation via Zoom for new moms looking to lose weight postpartum while safely breastfeeding their babies. Whether you had your baby via c-section or natural birth, together we will create a plan that suits your schedule to help you get your body back and close your diastasis recti.

A consultation via Zoom to show you how to start baby-led feeding for your baby. How to wean with healthy meal recommendations for your baby. Expert advice to all your weaning  problems.

A consultation via Zoom for you to lose weight the healthiest way. Together, we will create a customised meal plan, exercise plan and a routine that fits into your schedule to help you lose weight and keep it off.


Virtual Coaching With April

Power Chat 30mins

75 per chat
  • Video Consultation Via Zoom
  • Consultation on Pregnancy
  • Consultation on Weaning
  • Consultation on Weight Loss
  • Get answers/clarity on burning questions
  • Follow-up via email on actionable steps to follow

Monthly Personalised Coaching

see amazing results
395 Monthly
  • 4 Weeks Personalised Plan
  • 2 Hours Video Consultation Via Zoom
  • Customised Meal Plans
  • Full access to my online resources
  • Access to live workout sessions
  • Unlimited feedback on your journey
  • constructive suggestions on how to improve

12 Week Premium Personalised Coaching

  • 12 Weeks Personalised Plan
  • 2 Hours Monthly Video Consultation Via Zoom
  • Customised Meal Plans
  • Full access to my online resources
  • Access to live workout sessions
  • Unlimited feedback on your journey

My Name is

I’m a published author, fitness coach, and certified nutritionist. I design fitness programs and nutrition plans which focus on the development of healthy habits for life, supported by a fierce community of women.

I’m committed to helping people lose weight and live healthy lives. I have helped thousands of people from over 25 countries on the #LifestyleChangeWithApril program to improve their health, get fit and make a permanent lifestyle change. 

When I’m not creating new healthy recipes or consulting with my clients, I’m visiting new places with my husband and two children or reading a new book. 

Find me on all social media channels: @fitmrsfats