“I so much wanted to get rid of the tummy fat and shed some weight, I wanted it so bad that I bought patches, tea, coffee, waist trainer; just name all the shed-it-fast schemes you know. It all resulted to nothing; the most I got from one of them was loosing 3kg. Signing up with the LifestyleChangeWithApril was going to be my last try at loosing weight, thank God that I did try… look at me now!! I’m really surprised at myself! Our work didn’t go to waste….Eating and staying healthy is my new lifestyle … no going back!”


“There are many days when I don’t feel up to it. There are days when my job keeps me from working out as hard and as long as I want. There are days when I don’t even see the changes. But I keep going. April will always check on me when I’m being “absent”. April is so hands on that I can’t slack. The awesome ladies on the #LifestyleChangeWithApril are so motivating. Everyone has their own struggles but our coach keeps pushing. If my food-loving-lazy-self can do it, what’s your excuse? I don’t have those abs yet and these arms are still flabby but we move cos #teamjustdoit !”


August 2016, my sister-in-law came into town and she looked really good. She told me about Aprillaugh, how it’s not about dieting but lifestyle changes with group of women encouraging each other to achieve their goals. I prayed that God should take total control and I contacted April. She was gracious, humble and very welcoming. I explained my weaknesses, my hereditary diabetes, and she said there’s nothing impossible for God. This heavenly group has been another contact I have had with God that keeps confirming He’s God. I keep saying to Lola that this group is bigger than her and this is the reason. I have learned so much about patience, humility, women empowerment and gained so much knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I can’t believe I have lost all this weight and still keep going. I joined this programme with the desire to be healthy, but I have sisters with so much love and have made amazing friends. Lola, I appreciate you and your work, humility and your love for God is beyond words. I can’t believe I am training for marathon, and it’s all down to God and April Laugh.

Feeling Motivated?

These are some of the amazing success stories from our amazing clients from around the world that have completed the LifestyleChangeWithApril plan. If you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle change that will change your life – forever, click here to start and join us! You’re next!