“My Journey on April Laugh started Dec 1st 2017, shortly after returning from a vacation and I was totally disappointed with how I was eating and looking… My clothes didn’t fit anymore, I was struggling until I stumbled on April’s page on IG and guess what a promo was on for an extra month… what caught my attention was “YOU HAVE TO EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT” I have never been a foodie… so it was so easy to snack on junks at work and late at night… I paid and joined this fantastic group. 🙌🏾The meals are so delicious and very interesting for me… I don’t go to the gym… I workout at home… the ladies on the group are super amazing… our coaches are role models, they lead by example… It’s a group to be on… I have learnt how vital it is to invest in my health more than clothes, shoes and bags… sometimes i get tempted to eat unhealthy and feel lazy to work out but with the group and support from everyone I get motivate to keep eating healthy and burning those calories…. “


“Prior to joining, I had little or no motivation to workout or stick to eating clean. In my group, I am constantly coached and motivated, I feel great physically and emotionally! On left picture was taken in March I was weighing 165.8lbs and yesterday on the right I was weighing 140.3lbs. At the Yourba party everyone was asking how did I get back to like the way I like before having children? I proudly said it’s the LifestyleChangeWithApril that is making me looking like 15 again! 😂💃🏾Joining this group was worth every penny and April is a super amazing coach and partner. I cannot thank you all enough for the daily motivation and encouragement you all give me and help me towards getting my dream body back!”


“Coach of life! I never knew that following you on Instagram would be one of the best decisions I’ve made. For months, I kept on seeing the transformation pictures on Instagram and thought to myself, “Why can’t that be me?” Until, I eventually signed up in July…I THANK GOD I DID! Because now i have lost 25 pounds in just 6 weeks. From the tasty meal plan to the supportive women on the group chat, I can certainly say i have no regrets about signing up for your program. April, I honestly thank you for making me feel better about myself both in and out. THE BARDEST COACH EVER!!!”


“PS: I barely had ass before now it’s disappeared 🙈😂😭. So I started this journey at 88.1kg and 27% fat and after 12 weeks with a few bumps in the road I am now at 81.95 kg and 21.7% body fat! I’m definitely not where I want to be yet but I know I will get there because coach April Laugh has given me all the tools to achieve my goals! Thank you ladies for all the support and motivation. Even though it’s the end of the challenge, its definitely not the end of this lifestyle! I’m in it for life 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽.” 


“I remember going through April’s page for the first time on Instagram and seeing people’s transformation pictures thinking how can they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner; and still lose weight. It’s definitely photoshopped. 😲Then I decided to follow her so that I could see more transformation pics and judge better if they are photoshopped or not😂😂. The transformation pics kept coming from different people almost everyday, then it dawned on me that this is real. In March 2018, I decided to contact April after 2 months of stalking her page🤣🤣 and the rest is history as you can see the result for yourself. The motivation from the ladies in the group is exceptional. Just knowing that I have to be accountable keeps me focused, cos I have tried lots of diets n would put the weight back on and more after awhile. 😱 It crazy to see I have lost 25lbs in 9weeks! April has turned me to an athlete overnight🤣🤣, from not exercising at all to exercising 5-6 times a week😎😎. My one and only coach @fitmrsfats; God bless you for creating this platform. You have changed alot of peoples life by showing them that dedication & commitment gets you good result. Thank you for I feel sexy once again & my hubby can’t stop complimenting me all the time😉😉😉. I’m an AL fithive member for life, not at my goal weight yet but I know I will get there with hardwork & support I get from coaches and my AL Fithive family. You guys rock😘❤!!!!”

Feeling Motivated?

These are some of the amazing success stories from our amazing clients from around the world that have completed the LifestyleChangeWithApril plan. If you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle change that will change your life – forever, click here to start and join us! You’re next!