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“A year ago, I looked at my photos and I was shocked at how big I’d gotten. No, this wasn’t a result of having 2 kids, this was me living a sedentary lifestyle. I ate somewhat healthy, but my activity level was zero. . If you’ve been following me for a bit, you’ll remember I tried to lose weight in November last year with detox tea. I lost about 7kgs in a month (on the scale). Shockingly, I didn’t even drop a dress size 😂. As tasking as being a Makeup artist is on my waist from stooping, I can ‘beat’ 10 faces and barely take 500 steps. So I’d be exhausted, yet my body hadn’t done much in form of exercise.  I tried various diets, nothing worked. Long story short, 2 friends of mine got on the 12 weeks program with @fitmrsfats, and their transformations were mindblowing. So I decided to give it a try. I lost a total of 8kgs, I went from weighing 81.9kgs to weighing 74.5kgs. I could have easily lost 10kgs, but for a mombasa trip I took. Story for another day 😂. And I’ve dropped a dress size, 2 sizes in some brands 😉. And my chronic waist pain is gone. .Please note, it’s hard work, but the results are long lasting. Because at the end of the day, you learn how to take care of yourself. It’s a lifestyle change.”


 “My journey with April has been a life changing experience. To think that I eat 3 square meals and snack in between and still shed weight is a miracle. I have tried so many things to shed weight and I end up gaining double the weight I lost. Thank you to the amazing ladies in the group, you all inspire me. Thank you April for making me realize the right way to eat and workout. This is definitely an amazing lifestyle I intend to maintain forever!”


“I just wanna seize this opportunity to thank April wholeheartedly for this job you do. You have changed lives and raised our self confidence to another level. Our bodies are our identities. You have transformed us and brought out the better part of us. I never knew what being healthy was till I followed you on Instagram for over two years before making my decision to join this program. Today I went to the shop and guys!!! I’m not a UK size 16 anymore. I’m a whooping size 14. OMG… My daughter screamed in the dressing room that mum you have lost so much weight.!! I was speechless 😶 It’s strange for me to go to the smaller size section of shops and shop confidently… sometimes I still go to size 20. It’s a mindset. Battling obesity from childhood is real!”


“Well, I made it through the 12 weeks. It’s excellent! I have my energy back, and I am more confident again. It has been challenging and fun. I didn’t reach the goal I initially stated, but it was on purpose. I am most comfortable with the way that I look at 155lbs, so I stopped at my 20 lb loss. I thank you April for all that you are doing for us ladies. I will continue to work out and keep pushing to eat clean meals.”


“My Journey on April Laugh started Dec 1st 2017, shortly after returning from a vacation and I was totally disappointed with how I was eating and looking… My clothes didn’t fit anymore, I was struggling until I stumbled on April’s page on IG and guess what a promo was on for an extra month… what caught my attention was “YOU HAVE TO EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT” I have never been a foodie… so it was so easy to snack on junks at work and late at night… I paid and joined this fantastic group. 🙌🏾The meals are so delicious and very interesting for me… I don’t go to the gym… I workout at home… the ladies on the group are super amazing… our coaches are role models, they lead by example… It’s a group to be on… I have learnt how vital it is to invest in my health more than clothes, shoes and bags… sometimes i get tempted to eat unhealthy and feel lazy to work out but with the group and support from everyone I get motivate to keep eating healthy and burning those calories…. “

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These are some of the amazing success stories from our amazing clients from around the world that have completed the LifestyleChangeWithApril plan. If you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle change that will change your life – forever, click here to start and join us! You’re next!

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