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April gets the job done — this is the best experience I’ve had losing weight (and I’ve tried everything and everyone)!

You helped me realise I didn’t have to force myself to eat things I hate (red cabbage) and I didn’t have to do exercises I didn’t like. Instead, the focus was building a lifestyle that is enjoyable, works and sustainable!

This was a very different experience to my previous coaches and I really loved that. So highly recommended.


I heard a Nigerian lady had dumped Nigerian meals in order to diet successfully. I decided only Nigerians can promote Nigeria. I googled ‘dieting on Nigerian food’ and found April Laugh!

This has indeed been a lifestyle change. Slowly the weight gradually dropped and 6 weeks later, I got my first compliment. The lady that sits behind me in church says I’ve changed right before her eyes! My husband is also leaner thanks to this program!

Dr. Ajike

Stop dieting and start living well

You have to love yourself to want to do something about it. Have a vision board, what do you want to look like in 3 months or 12 months? What do you want to achieve. It’s a mental and spiritual journey. Weight loss IS self love. Love yourself to better health.

I joined the Lifestyle change because I had really let myself go. My goal was to lose 10kg by the end of these 12 weeks but with the constant motivation from my husband, April and our fitness coaches, I lost 11kg!

I’m treating my body so much better and I’m setting a better example for my son. I’ve learned how to prepare healthy meals and fit in exercise no matter what. Thank you April, Team Coaches, and the ladies in #TeamJustDoIt!!


I’ve been trying to lose weight for over 20 years and been big for most of my life. I had more or less given up, but had been following April Laugh for a month. I thought, “if all these women can do this, why can’t I?”

My coach is amazing and was truly there for me. The skills you learn on the program are skills for life! The chat group keeps you accountable. I’ve lost 20kg in 4 months…I am in shock!


I’m a pediatrician and I spend a significant part of my day talking to families about the need to maintain a healthy weight; but I felt like a hypocrite sometimes as I was struggling to maintain mine.

Enter #LifestyleChangeWithApril: delicious meals helped me get control of my portion sizes, meal prep made mealtimes healthier and easier for me (and my family). The flexibility of choosing any workout I wanted or had time for is excellent! Accountability works!


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