"August 2016, my sister-in-law came into town and she looked really good. She told me about Aprillaugh, how it’s not about dieting but lifestyle changes with group of women encouraging each other to achieve their goals. I prayed that God should take total control and I contacted April. She was gracious, humble and very welcoming. I explained my weaknesses, my hereditary diabetes, and she said there’s nothing impossible for God. This heavenly group has been another contact I have had with God that keeps confirming He’s God. I keep saying to Lola that this group is bigger than her and this is the reason. I have learned so much about patience, humility, women empowerment and gained so much knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I can’t believe I have lost all this weight and still keep going. I joined this programme with the desire to be healthy, but I have sisters with so much love and have made amazing friends. Lola, I appreciate you and your work, humility and your love for God is beyond words. I can’t believe I am training for marathon, and it’s all down to God and April Laugh.


"There are many days when I don't feel up to it. There are days when my job keeps me from working out as hard and as long as I want. There are days when I don't even see the changes. But I keep going. April will always check on me when I'm being "absent". April is so hands on that I can't slack. The awesome ladies on the #LifestyleChangeWithApril are so motivating. Everyone has their own struggles but our coach keeps pushing. If my food-loving-lazy-self can do it, what's your excuse? I don't have those abs yet and these arms are still flabby but we move cos #teamjustdoit !"


"I so much wanted to get rid of the tummy fat and shed some weight, I wanted it so bad that I bought patches, tea, coffee, waist trainer; just name all the shed-it-fast schemes you know. It all resulted to nothing; the most I got from one of them was loosing 3kg. Signing up with the LifestyleChangeWithApril was going to be my last try at loosing weight, thank God that I did try... look at me now!! I'm really surprised at myself! Our work didn't go to waste....Eating and staying healthy is my new lifestyle ... no going back!"

Lillian O

"My name is Lillian, I’m a mum of 3. I met April on Instagram as I was just scrolling up and down. I saw her transformation pic of when she just had her son and her seven months later pic, and I was immediately inspired. I said to myself if she can do this I de nitely can because her tommy looked exactly like mine a er child birth. (drools) and I was actually pregnant at the time... almost due, so I contacted April and 6 weeks a er I had my baby, we started and ever since, it’s been amazing. Seeing my body transform in the most amazing ways. at’s not to say we perform magic at the LifestyleChangeWithApril. No! We don’t. It takes hard work and dedication but it’s de nitely worth every penny, every tear, every pain, and every sweat I promise you. e meals are also amazing; you still get to eat everything with just few changes here and there. My hubby always beefs me; when I’m prepping my food, he stands there eyeing my big big chicken; Lol. I started seeing changes a er 4weeks, and haven’t stopped seeing changes in my body. I de nitely feel brand new, and loving every single bit of it. ank you so much Lola; you are one hell of a lady, you are my bad ass, and I love you; and to the amazing ladies on the group, you guys are wonderful. Anyone that goes through LifestyleChangeWithApril and doesn’t see changes, de nitely hasn’t put in work full stop."


"So a lot of my friends will know about 5years ago I lost quite a bit of weight through a fitness bootcamp but unfortunately I had to stop due to work commitments! The weights piled on gradually and when I started to struggle into my size 14s after my summer holiday this year I knew something had to change! So 1st of Sept I joined April Laugh having tried all sorts that I could not sustain! It's the best gift I've given to myself in a long time! I have not stepped into a gym since I joined but yes I exercise within the comfort of my home, 5weeks on I have lost just over 6kg, built lean muscles, no more spanx, can eat from all food groups and have a group of ladies that inspire me daily! This is one I can surely guarantee your money back as long as you follow your individual plan through! For the cynics I am not being paid to advertise someone else's business nor do I get a discount because you are joining the group! I am just being open and sharing what is working for me and hoping you can give up fads and try a total lifestyle change😉😘”"


"Trying to control my weight had been a struggle for as long as I can remember. I was a “well fed baby,” you see that toddler who always has an extra bottle of milk... that was me. When we were in uni, being a size 16, I vividly remember arguing with Yello that I couldn’t get any bigger; she laughed and told me she’d remind me when I got bigger. Sadly, she got her chance. I`ve tried quite a number of diets (including the very low calorie diets with soups and shakes), I’d lose some kg but they always seemed to go nd more friends and settle right back in, so I almost gave up. Early this year, at a nice, round size 22, I decided to give weight loss one more try and if it didn’t work, well, I gured that meant God wanted me to remain well fed. As luck would have it, around that time my sister, introduced me to April but I must confess, I didn’t think it would work especially when we calculated my BMI and I needed to lose 36 kg (like that`s a whole person). In my mind, I was like... never going to happen but then, I thought... let me just try. Honestly, that was the best and healthiest decision I’ve ever made. First thing I learnt was that it`s not about just weight loss, but a lifestyle change; that way, I’d be able to lose the weight steadily and most importantly, keep the weight off and after getting to my ideal weight. Initially, it wasn’t easy; in fact, many times, I asked myself... who send you work but with the support of the Coach and amazing April Laugh’s sisters (Shout out fab fam) I’ve been able to take it one day at a time and now, I’m over 30kg down... Yay. I’m not where I want to be but now, I know it’s very possible. I just need to stick to my lifestyle change journey, and I’ll get there. Thanks April for helping me turn my life around.”

Toyin K

"So, I decided to do something about my weight; eating habits and fitness level. My first workout, as part of the group, was on 23rd of May, 2016. It is one year today that I signed up to ALF group; have I reached my desired weight? NO, (food won’t let somebody be great!) but I have gained so much more in the past year—no, not the weight. Let me share some of my new knowledge with you. Fitness and healthy eating A year ago, if someone told me I could run half a marathon in 1.27hrs in my living room, I would have said in another lifetime. If someone had said that I could go a whole week without eating RICE? I would have said they were joking. Guess what? I actually didn’t eat rice for a month! Endurance I have learnt to push myself beyond my comfort zone, and do things that I never imagined I could do, like go running at 4.30am a er only 2 hours of sleep! Spiritual Growth I have seen a change in this area of my life, as my running time doubles up as my prayer, worship and soul searching time. I also challenged myself this year to pray or study the bible for the same length of time I work out, which is a minimum of 30minutes; this is still work in progress. Relationships / Sisterhood Where do I start from? Okay, I never knew it was possible to form close/ tight/strong bonds with people I have never set eyes on, in di erent time zones and different parts of the world. This is what I have gained most from joining this group, and it is also very precious to me."

Dr. Mo!

“When I stumbled on April Laugh on Instagram, I was very impressed with the before and after pictures of the ladies I saw and I thought to myself... I won't loose alot by giving her a try... I told myself I'll invest in this rather than buying the next human hair I love...and boom that was it... My life changed 360degrees... May I remind you I've always been an exercise friendly person but after giving birth the rules I knew never applied and the weight never moved .... I'm 8weeks into this and already past my pre pregnancy weight and loving life.... Eating delicious meals and loving the fit life.... Thanks April for being my angel and mentor”


"2016, I decided that I was going to do something about my weight instead of calling myself OROBO all the time. I was so used to calling myself OROBO, just so people know that I’m aware of my weight, and they didn’t need to remind me about it talk about coping mechanism (Naijas and their “You’ve added oh!”) The search began for a weight loss coach because I knew I needed someone to be accountable to. I contacted a few, and they made me feel like I was part of a building project I lost hope mehn, and I decided to just embrace my fat self, after all, He prepares a table before me and I didn’t want to disobey God by not eating the varieties that he had blessed me with. One glorious day, I came across April, who is now my Big Sister I called her on the 2nd of Nov 2016, and she responded sharp sharp I was like ahhh (I was praying she wouldn’t so that I’ll convince myself that I tried. I’m sure God wasn’t having that, and was looking at me like)... When April spoke to me, I was like “Osheyy I’ll lose weight” until she started telling me things I had to let go. My apartment was stocked with amazing nonsense. I was heartbroken. I remember being quiet on the phone for like two minutes, and she had to ask if I’m serious about it and willing to do all of that. I was actually having chocolate and chilled coke at the time. We ended the convo with me telling her that I’ll start on the 15th Nov 2016 (I had to enjoy all those things before saying goodbye biko. I didn’t want to be a Yoruba demon with sudden heartbreak to good food jor) and then, she asked me to send my weight and all to her. FAM, I thought I was like eighty something until I climbed the scale and saw 95.1kg. I felt like an elephant and then, it occurred to me that I’ve been rolling all these while (in my head, I’ve been walking ehh). The first three weeks were very hard for me, and at the time, we had a WhatsApp group to motivate each other and check progress. She had this thing that puts the fear of God in you. The women on the group are AMAZING!!! These are mothers doing amazing jobs to be fit and me, I was complaining. No one told me to be serious, from burning 350 cal a day to burning over 1000cal. As the days went by, I felt good, and I started getting compliments, even though I couldn’t see nothing in the first four weeks. My clothes got bigger, and I stopped looking like a parachute . I look back at my pictures and I start to laugh ( Those of you that said “Damn, hot Mama” God has sha exposed you ohh. I was there looking like Rolling dollar aka Parachute, and you were busy praising me.) FROM LOOKING LIKE PUFF-PUFF WITH EXCESS YEAST TO ALUMINIUM PLATE OF SMALL CHOPS!"


Wow. I can’t believe my transformation myself. Been wanting to lose weight over the last 3 years but found it very difficult. I will eat right and exercise for a week and the following week zero. I came across April Laugh around March 2017 and started following her page on Instagram but thought to myself, I bet this is all fake!! (All these Photoshop people 😂). I had my doubts but kept following. However, around May she did a live video which I happened to view live. The 1st thing I thought was oh so she is real. 😳People asked questions and so did I and I was impressed by the response she gave. As soon as the video ended, I emailed her straight away and I got a response immediately. However, she was fully booked until July but I kept looking at all the transformation pictures she posted and thought to myself July can’t come any sooner for me. I was so eager to start. So came 1st of July, I started on this amazing journey. April is the most beautiful person inside and out. The amazing ladies on the group are totally out of this world. The support you get on this journey is absolutely phenomenal. We eat proper and great food and still lose weight. I remember my son saying ‘’mum you are not going to lose weight with all this food’’ but I said to him watch me shrink. LOL. So far this journey has been amazing and it’s exactly what I needed to be accountable. Just look at these pictures. Wow. I am amazed. Thank you coach you are one in a million. xxx


"I woke up one day and just hated how I looked! I had spent the last four to five years making excuses while the weight piled up. I was honestly trying to lose weight but I guess I wasn’t doing the right things. October, 2016, I decided I was tired of hating my body. I found April, who is not just a coach, but my sister now. She whipped me into shape, literally! No excuses allowed! The rest is history. 20+ kilos down, everyone is begging me to stop. I’m loving my body. I love my new lifestyle. My health is so much better. I just realised I haven’t taken most of my meds in the last two months, and my energy level is off the charts...and of course, my confidence has taken a boost! I sure love the new me."


I can see so much progress. I honestly appreciate all ur work. You’ve taught me to be determined and I learned that losing weight is all up in the mind. If you put your mind to it you can do it. Thank you for teaching me that. People around me are beginning to see my progress and my friends want to change their lifestyle now because of what they are seeing in me. I thank God for meeting you and keep up the good work April Laugh. God bless you. I’m so thankful.


For over a decade, I saw the weight creeping up on me and I couldn't do anything about it. I hated it but I didn't even know where to start. Fast forward to October 2016, weighing a whopping 105kgs, with high blood pressure, no self confidence and feeling miserable about my body, while I was browsing instagram, I came across @fitmrsfats and saw some amazing transformations! I was impressed but I still didn't believe I could do it. One fine afternoon, while eating ice cream and cake 😂😢😱 in bed after work, I sent her an email. She got back to me and gave me all the details. I threw caution to the wind and signed up with her. When she got my body statistics and told me I had to lose 33kgs 😢, I almost told her that wouldn't be possible so I was no longer interested. But I encouraged myself and told myself to take it a day at a time. She made me write down my goals, and I said I wanted to lose the 33kgs in 12 months. So we started! After two weeks, I had lost 4.8 kgs! That was when I knew I was in the right place!!! 👍. Six and a half months later, I've lost the weight and at my ideal healthy weight! To say I feel good is an understatement! I feel AWESOME! I feel STRONG! My blood pressure has normalised! I'm in a better place! Believe me, if I can do it, you can do it too! It takes a lot of discipline and dedication but it's doable. The people doing it don't have two heads or four legs! As much as we invest in clothes, shoes, expensive wigs etc, we must invest in our health too! Thank you very much April @fitmrsfats and all the amazing ladies on this journey! We did this together! 😍😍😍


"My workout regimen and healthy eating habits went from 0 to 100 immediately I began. 💪🏾The love and support one experiences in the group from the ladies is phenomenal. I love a group of women from around the world that I have never physically met, that is amazing. My coach of life created a dynamic bizness model that works for all who join which yields great successes. The simple formula of eating right and staying active works, NO hidden pill, slimming tea or magic potion. I have not reached my goal weight but appreciating the journey down with over 90lbs off. God brought about this season for a specific purpose and I am grateful for what He is doing. "


"When you look younger as you get older. Keeping fit and staying healthy is one of the personal goals I set some months ago after my milestone birthday. I can't remember how I dabbled on April Laugh's page on IG, the results were beyond my belief so I decided to contact her. It's been a life changing experience, I feel great and energetic all the time. My fitness and endurance has improved tremendously, from brisk-walking to running half- marathon without stopping. I'm more knowledgeable about healthy food choices and lifestyle."


“Three months ago I joined April Laugh and thinking what did I get myself into- food prepping, daily exercise and serious accountability- remembering my first conversation with April. I was at my heaviest at 221 lbs feeling bloated all day and not liking who I saw in the mirror plus I was snoring-😳. I came across April on instagram and sent an email and hoping she would not respond 😂but alas she did. fast forward 33 pounds down- and loving the journey so far. Coach and all the ladies in the program are very supportive. They offer advice and tons of motivation every day. I am glad to report “ no more snoring”confirmed by by bed partner."


“My AL Fitness journey has been one of the most rewarding journeys I’ve been on. I had been trying (unsuccessfully) for a while to incorporate exercise into my busy lifestyle, but my story changed when I met April. Beyond getting healthier, fitter and stronger, I have also become a morning person (I nefer hexperredit!), a more disciplined person, and I have also gotten better at time management. Most importantly, I’ve built some amazing friendships/sisterships with both April, and other members of the AL FitHive. I am still on my journey and I am enjoying it. Some days are hard sha, but we are here for both the ‘after’ picture and for the personal development. I love my April and I love my AL FitHive!."


“12 weeks already and 33lbs off, like where did the time go?? Definitely loving the new me. Not where I want to be yet but not where I used to be. I got to meet this amazing Mrs Fats😃 through my sister in love(Dr. Temz). I woke up to her transformation pics couple of months ago and I was like "WOW". I just kept bombarding her with questions like how did you do it? What happened to you? It was just like magic to be. Because the Temi I know is a lover of good food (unhealthy ones) like me 😁.. plus I know she's got crazy schedule, like me as well.. so, was just wondering how was she able to do this.. so, she gave me coach's email.. I didn't even wait till the next day, I sent that email on the spot.. let's just say my life has never been the same since then😉 in terms of my food choices and getting my exercise on . Thanks to my monitoring spirit coach(guys she's got a monitoring spirit o, 😂like I get scared to cheat even though she's thousands of miles away, it's always as if she's right in front of me whispering IF YOU DARE😂) and thanks to my amazing Fithive sisters for the daily motivation! “

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