What do I Eat to Lose Weight?

“It is not as if I eat so much but, it is as if I take one spoon of food and all the fat just ends up in my body!”And you have  tried to change things—been part of several fad diets; registered at the gym, yet the scale is not reducing. We’ve got you! And trust us, it is in the calories. Those tiny invisible things that enter your body through your mouth, yet they find their way into the seams of your dress, making it tighter. Now it is time to catch them before they enter your throat. Before we delve into all that conversation about what your food weights, how about a quick look at the kind of food you eat. 

Three quick rules, [1] and now you may want to get a pen and paper or a stick-it note. 

  • Stay Balanced: Your primary school teacher was right all along. Eating portions of the good-old balanced diet is a winner any day. Many suggest following the 50/25/25 rule by filling your bowl with 50 percent veggie, 25 percent carbs and 25 percent lean protein. This helps you roughly control portions automatically. Yet, you have to watch the size. Protein is essential for several reasons but mostly because it is an ally on thisjourney—-it helps curb your appetite and makes you feel full for longer if eaten throughout the day. 
  • Stay Fresh: Fresh foods—better if freshly picked from your garden—are your best bet to monitoring your calorie intake. While we know that processed foods seem like half of your job is done, the more process your food has gone through, the more preservatives and additives they have packed on. Why would you use sugar when you can use honey? Pick unrefined foods over refined foods. Here is why: eatingmore empty calories—from the usual suspects—will definitely leave youhungrierthan eating quality calories from fresh foods—our best friends—those same calories will keep you satisfied and improve your health.  So, to stay fresh, keep your food fresh as high-quality fresh foods digest faster and keep you healthier. 
  • Stay Refreshed:Of course by this, we mean drink a lot of water instead of calorie-heavy sugar-filled fizzy soft drinks. Other ways to stay refreshed include unsweetened tea (they come in several flavours!) and fresh fruit juice. So, what are you waiting for? Drink up!