Tips for Successful Calorie Counting

  • Start (Small): Now that you know what to do, the next thing to do is to actually do it. So go on, download the calorie counter, start the food journal. Weigh your food. Take note of all that goes into your mouth. However, when it comes to cutting calories, do it gradually. You are like a child learning to walk, take a small first step by not cutting your calories too low, too quickly. Even though the weight may be lost faster, you may also burn out quite quickly and not stick to your healthy living plan. Remember, it is about the journey as well as the destination.
  • Read:Yes, read your food labels. The secret is hidden in the small print. Here, everything counts—ketchup, peanut butter, salad dressing. I forget, some foods—street snacks, donkwa,coconut chips, roadside yam chips!—do not come with food labels. Yet, we know deep within us, when we begin to taste the sweet flavouring of refined sugar in it that the sugar levels are likely higher. So, rule of the thumb for this: they are not your daily foods if you want to lose weight. So, just get rid of them. 
  • Be in charge:Following up on Point Two, it is important from now on that you are in charge of your meals. This journey is a journey of responsibility. It is a journey of taking charge of your life and health. It may be hard at first but once the gains start rolling in, you find more reasons to sustain it. 
  • Be consistent:This is the challenge. Going from day to day, sticking to your goals is tough. Many start but are not able to continue, yet to see any change, you have to repeat almost the same processes everyday. Weigh and eat. Weigh and eat. Rinse and repeat. 
  • Stay true to yourself:In the end, it is your journey so it is important for you to stay true to yourself. When you can, put the barricades. Replace junk food with healthier snacks. Replace refined sugars with fruits. You have struggles with soft drinks? Get rid of them. You are addicted to pizza?  Do not pass that way on your way from work. The only way to go through the journey is by staying true to yourself.