Look Within

Many times, weight gain is noticed on the outside. However, the “thing” that causes weight gain—thank you for saying unhealthy FAT!—lives on the inside. So, our first assessment is to ask: what are MY “usual suspects”? The usual suspects are not just food and they can be quite personal, as it differs from one person to the other. 

For some it is just food—you know the addictions: that chilled bottle of soft drink you cannot do without, that extra slice of pizza that you must eat every night. For others, it is lifestyle—being a couch  potato, alcohol, or even lack of sleep. These are some of the habits thatcould add extra calories to your body. 

And this evaluation is not all negative. How about we try the positive things too—these are your “best  friends”. How about the positive habits, good for healthy living? Drinking lots of water? Eating before 7pm? Eating more fruits than fatty snacks? 

This is what a self-evaluation will do for you: it will make you gain a better understanding of what needsto change in your life; second, it will further help you to positively channel your efforts in the right direction.