How Can I Control my Portions?

You have succeeded at learning the “balancing act with food.”*Round of applause*Now is the time to learn the balancing act with the portions. There are some tricks. 

  • Trick One: It is important to eat from a plate. No more taking straight tablespoons from the pot of food in the name of tasting—don’t worry, the salt is okay. No more eating your child’s leftover meals because you don’t want it to waste. No more taking “bases” from other people’s plates in the name of sampling their foods. The only thing you eat from, from now on, is a plate—your plate. And please make it a small plate because the bigger the plate, the likely larger the portion. So, the first thing you should do is ditch your large plates for smaller bowls and cups. Better if they are fanciful plates. Some aesthetic to get you excited about eating. In addition to this, get the good old food measuring scale and measuring cups. You know what is as important as weighing food? Recording what is weighed. So, whatever it is, you either use the calorie counter to note it or stick with a food journal where you write everything that you eat. 
  • Trick Two: Re-order your “eating schedule”. Fill up on water first before eating because being dehydrated makes you feel like filling up on food when you first need to fill up on water. Then, some fruits, for similar reasons to water. You are packed with good nutrients first thus only pack your plate with the most important nutrients, and you are not eating out of hunger.
  • Trick 3: Eat Slowly. Yes, slow eating allows you and your body time to savour the juices of your meal. There is no need to rush. It is important to chewseveral times—many recommend 30 times—though some foods may demand more or less. Pause between meals by putting down your cutlery between scoops, ensuring the previous scoop is swallowed before picking cutlery up to scoop again.