I spent several years trying to beat the bulge. Name a diet and I probably tried it at some point in my adult life. Some of these attempts were successful but I soon found that the weight crept back on very soon after I achieved a modicum of success. ??‍♀They were quite simply unsustainable. I followed April for a few months on Instagram b4 I finally reached out to her.  8 weeks in, I can honestly say I feel healthier and happier than ever before! ??‍♀??‍♀?? April, her team and the group of ladies all going through this journey alongside with me have made this programme one of the best decisions I made! It’s been challenging at times but the fabulous support system, the yummy meal plans and just general unending encouragement have helped me push through when I needed it most. I’m not at my goal weight yet (still double-digit kgs to go?) but I’m learning through #lifestylechangewithapril how to eat clean and stay healthy. ? I am definitely in this for the long run!