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Workout With April

Are you Ready to be fitter and lose weight without a gym Membership?
Put your health and well-being first in the new Workout With April Challenge — it’s on now!

  • Lose body weight
  • Tone Muscles
  • Lose Back Fat
  • Lose Tummy Fat
  • Daily Group Accountability
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Weekly Recipes & Shopping Lists
  • Support Group & Accountability Partner
  • Monthly Progress Group Check-Ins
  • Eat Better & Feel Better

HURRY UP. Limited spaces available!

Let me tell you my story. Few years ago, I looked at myself in the mirror and I just wasn't happy. I was shocked by the woman I saw and I couldn't keep ignoring what was before me

I knew I needed to make some changes and was lucky enough to be selected for a fitness challenge with TW Magazine.

This involved daily trips to the gym at 6am, training with an amazing personal trainer and workout team. I also started to eat really healthily and soon I began to love the way I looked and felt; I was rocking bodycon dresses for the first time ever!

I quickly became more confident. I was single, happy and had pretty impressive abs. I’m sure it’s not coincidental that around this time, I met my (now) husband. He was fascinated by my work schedule and how I incorporated fitness into my everyday life.

He decided that he’d also like to lose weight and get fit. And I helped him to lose 40kg in nine months, by taking him through the programme (#LifestyleChangeWithApril) I’d developed. He was determined to succeed, we set realistic goals and he achieved them all with my support. You can call both of us fitness buddies. 😊 We now have two kids and are still maintaining a very healthy lifestyle!

Honestly, #LifestyleChangeWithApril has continued to grow and thrive. Helping people achieve their lifestyle goals has given my life real purpose. Through helping others, I have helped myself and I absolutely love being a motivator and coach. I’m now on a mission to help more people of colour change their lifestyles, become more confident in their own skin and live healthier. I’m excited for everyone signing up for our Challenge!

Now let’s talk about what led you here.

You’re probably in a fix trying to lose weight. Or you are:

  • Struggling with low energy levels?
  • Starving yourself to lose weight?
  • Struggling with healthy issues such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, arthritis, infertility or even sleep apnea (snoring)?
  • Struggling to sleep soundly throughout the night?
  • Struggling to maintain lost weight?
  • Struggling with an active and exciting sex life?

Then, it is for YOU I created the Lifestyle Change With April Program

The Lifestyle Change With April program is a holistic and thorough program that comprises 2 fitness programs depending on how much accountability you require.

You have nothing to lose. Invest in yourself without compromising on living a life you actually enjoy, eating meals you actually savor and being a person you actually love!

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Meet April Laugh

April Laugh is a fitness coach, online health coach and certified nutritionist who designs fitness programs and nutrition courses for people of color. She focuses her methods on the development of healthy habits for life and supports a community of women who also provide support and motivation for each other. April is also a mother to two toddlers, Bryan and Flo, whose healthy lifestyles have inspired many more parents and children to eat and live more intentionally.

Here’s what people are saying about April Laugh Fitness


Hi April It's been an amazing journey For me since the inception .Dis past few weeks has been more of physical results than scale measuring .(like the scale is playing a fast one on me) .But this has been a great journey so far. Over 7months into this weight loss and healthy lifestyle living and I can tell have made an awesome progress by losing almost 20kg .Not there yet but staring at my goal. So we move


Hi April... I've been on this journey since last year June and I must say I'm enjoying this community I've lost 10 kg so far-Jo ..)0and it's a big deal for me because I've tried soon many times to loose weight (from going to the gym/working out at home) but to no avail I didn't even loose 1 kg but here I'm looking all toned, feeling so light and healthy thanks to you and all the group members for the motivation. It's a lifestyle change for me


I started in the 4th of May with 90kg and today I can say I have lost about 8 kg. I currently weigh 82kg and feel really light and so good about myself since I started working out with April. My Mummy pouch which I have never bothered to loose after 3 kids is now shrinking like crazy even myself I can't believe and intend to keep going and pushing myself to loose more kgs.

Here’s what you’ll gain by signing up today:

April Laugh Live Workout Sessions

  • April Laugh 365 Day Food Journal (E-Copy).
  • Daily support on your journey via our new portal.
  • Daily access to our live workouts sessions.
  • Replays to our live workouts sessions.
  • New monthly challenges to keep things FUN!
  • Monthly community Zoom meetings to share your wins and get expert advice on your struggles.
  • Fun monthly challenges and full support via our Instagram group.

Lose up to 50 Pounds in 100 Days

  • April Laugh 365 Day Food Journal (E-Copy).
  • Daily support on your journey via our new portal.
  • Daily access to our live workouts sessions.
  • Replays to our live workouts sessions.
  • New monthly challenges to keep things FUN!
  • Monthly community Zoom meetings to share your wins and get expert advice on your struggles.
  • An April Laugh Coach will be assigned to you to track your daily workouts, food intake and activities.
  • Compulsory bi-weekly weigh-ins to track your progress and keep you in track.
  • Quarterly virtual meet-ups and special guests to keep you inspired on your personal developments.
  • Accountability group on WhatsApp where you meet an accountability partner and new team mates on this journey as you. (You'll be able to communicate with your April Laugh coach to discuss any concerns and they'll keep you accountable so you don't slip on your journey.) 

Pick A Plan




Start losing weight from week 1 with April Laugh 365 Day Food Journal. Get access to weekly meal plans, weekly shopping lists, weight loss recipes and templates to help you achieve your weight loss goals.




Join fun live workout classes on Zoom and our private Instagram page at 11am & 8.30pm M/T/T/F. Classes includes Cardio/Abs/Dance/Strength Training. Lose weight at your own pace or maintain your weight.




Lose Up to 50 Pounds in 100 Days with our accountability system designed to help you lose weight quicker. This is most effective with your personal April Laugh coach, small accountability group on WhatsApp, compulsory weigh-ins, compulsory daily accountability to get you results.

Sweat is Thicker Than Water

Join the most supportive group of black women from all over the world as we work together to meet our fitness goals. We leave no one behind!

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You missed out!

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Live Workout Program and the Accountability Program?

The Live Workout Program is an online daily one-hour group workout session which happens virtually (on Zoom & Instagram). While this has limited accountability, the Accountability Program is more inclusive & intensive. You have access to the live workout session, a WhatsApp group where you’re assigned to a coach to track your daily activities, weight loss progress and designed to help you see results faster with our accountability system.

Can I sign up for a program if I don’t live in the UK?

Absolutely — we have members from over 25 countries on the program and we are making it work. All communications are virtual and we are readily available to respond to any question.

Do I need a gym membership?

No, you don’t. All our workouts are done in the comfort of our homes.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. Please send an email to to request this.

What happens when you’re fully booked?

Our programs are first-come, first-served, so when all spots have been taken, you will need to wait until the next one! We give group coaching, so can only take a small number of clients each month.

What happens after my program ends?

If your goals are not achieved within your chosen program, existing members are able to renew for 12 weeks until their goals are reached. Otherwise, you can opt out at the end of your program and continue on your own.

I’ve paid for my program — what’s next?

You’ll receive a payment confirmation email and days before you start, you’ll receive your healthy meal plan via email, with a follow up from our support team to begin your fitness journey.

What is the refund policy?

All sales made on are final and non-refundable.

What happens if I become pregnant during my program?

If you become pregnant during the course of your health and fitness program, we advise that you stop and move to the nursing program after your delivery.

I can’t pay online, what should I do?

Please email for other payment options.