Smart Mum

Dear Smart Mum,

Congratulations on the birth of your baby and welcome on board to the Lifestyle Change With April Smart Mummy plan! I’m so happy you took this step in changing your lifestyle while breastfeeding your baby and I promise you the next few weeks will be fun, amazing and life changing!

Today is a very important day; you have few weeks under your belt to transform your life. Today is the day to say goodbye to your old lifestyle as you’re about to meet a brand new you. We have a goal to achieve in few weeks, so let’s keep our eyes on the prize.

As your personal nutritionist, I’m going to be here with the April Laugh team every step of the way so don’t be afraid to ask ANY questions.

What do you need to get ready for the big day?
• Comfortable workout clothes and shoes
• Meal prep bowls (ideally 14 for your lunch and dinner for a week)
• Smart watch that monitors your heart rate and records calories burned
• A positive mindset!

During this challenge, you will be on a WhatsApp group for daily accountability of which you will be assigned a coach who will monitor your progress daily.

How do we monitor your progress?
• We ask you to send in your workouts along with a sweatfie.
• Let your coach know what workout you did, calories burned must not be less than 500!
• Monitor your average heart rate per workout
• Weekly (or daily) meal preps which will be approved by Sunday in preparation for the week
• Weigh-ins
• Transformation Thursdays
• Confession Tuesdays
• Random challenges

To access the group, kindly send your before pictures in your workout bra, signed pledge and terms or service to our email address to access the WhatsApp group where the real party starts!

Once again, I’m excited for your journey towards a new lifestyle. Be expected to struggle the first week or 2, but that’s why you’ve got a coach to support you with your struggle. And in actual fact, you will adjust in no time, you will shrink in no time, the scale will shift in no time!

Have your questions or concerns? Please email

Looking forward to crushing your goals with you soon!

Best wishes.

April Laugh Fitness
+44 (0)79 088 261 18

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See you on the inside 🙂