Limited Lifestyle Change


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Have you been STRUGGLING to lose weight for years? You have tried everything, from going on different diets to exercise and even taking useless weight loss pills, but nothing seems to work? Does ‘getting in shape’ seem like an unattainable goal to you? You can rely on me to motivate and guide you to achieve your fitness goals! I have helped thousands of women from all walks of life achieve their weight loss targets and I can help you too!  Upon registration, you will have access to:

  • A 12-week meal plan.
  • Meal Plans & Delicious Recipes that are family friendly.
  • Workout Guides and access to our daily live workouts on Instagram or Zoom.
  • Accountability via WhatsApp (Large Group – 5O MEMBERS OR MORE)
  • Access to an April Laugh Coach
  • Constant Professional Support and Advice all through to help keep you on track and motivated to crush your goals.
  • Weigh-ins fortnightly and review of your progress.
  • Virtual Meet-Ups on Various Lifestyle Topics


Join us to crush your goals on the LifestyleChangeWithApril! Any questions? Shoot a mail to our team right away.