Lifestyle Change With April

Changes you can make to improve your lifestyle – for good!


Benefits of the Programs?

If you’re wondering, “How can I change my lifestyle and develop better eating habits?” you’re likely to get bombarded with off the shelf solutions and must-try diet ideas.

Lifestyle Change with April cuts right through all that, offering four programs proven to make a positive difference.

Even better, our wellness coaching is easy to fit around other demands on your time, especially if you have a career and a family. All you need is internet access and a willingness to improve your lifestyle for the good of your health.

In fact, April’s four lifestyle change options enable you to choose the best way to build good habits with food and fitness as seamlessly and enjoyably as possible. 

Help me to lose weight, healthily please!

Go straight to April’s weight loss challenge for support and wonderful ideas you can use every day. 

Stop dieting and start living well

Eating better and feeling better go together. When you add in more ways to exercise during a busy day, you can really see some significant changes taking place.

Not just in your weight, but also your energy levels, mood, and even sleep patterns!

April Laugh offers you insightful and practical help to make lifestyle changes naturally. 

 Fitness programs to choose from:

Flab to Fit Program (Lose up to 10 Pounds in 30 Days)

See quick results from better eating and more exercise! With easy-to-follow meal plans and a 30-day workout schedule to lose 10lb.

Ultimate Lifestyle Change with April (100 Days)

Lose up to 50 pounds in 100 days by following this structured program, changing your relationship with food and fitness. It includes full use of a 12 Week Meal Planner with new recipes, as well as a fun workout program.

Workout With April Laugh Fitness (12 Weeks)

Getting fit without visiting the gym couldn’t be easier! This 12-week fitness program enables you to lose weight in the comfort of your own home. It includes energetic and enjoyable live workout sessions for every day (using Zoom or Instagram), the AL 365 Day Food Journal and a dedicated accountability partner.

Premium 1:1 Coaching With April

A dedicated wellness coaching session helps you to exercise and achieve your weight loss target privately, with one-to-one support from the inspirational April! Yes, you really can have individualised help to make positive changes, with personal coaching in your own home!

I’ve learned how to prepare healthy meals and fit in exercise no matter what. Thank you April, Team Coaches, and the ladies in #TeamJustDoIt!


What else is included?           

All programs include support from an April Laugh coach and a lively accountability group on WhatsApp/Instagram.

How can you keep your discipline going with exercise and healthy eating? We provide tangible milestones you must reach and other accountability measures.

All the invaluable guidance on making everyday changes to your eating and fitness habits takes account of the practicalities of normal life. There are even insights on sticking to positive lifestyle changes on holiday, when eating out, or travelling for work!

Make positive changes sustainable, without any stress.

Ready to get in shape and make positive changes?

Here at April Laugh, we understand that changing your lifestyle can be challenging, that’s why we are here to help.

You’ll discover that it is possible to get in the best shape ever while having fun and eating delicious meals! Get the weight loss results you’ve wanted for years, irrespective of your situation.

One click and you are on your way.