Welcome to the April Laugh four-week course on healthy living. Yes, we know that the course title is about “eating clean” and “weight loss”, but for us at April Laugh, it is more about a healthy lifestyle, it is always about healthy living. 

While welcoming you, it is important for us to ask: why have you decided to go on this journey? This is usually the first question that we ask. This is important because on days when the road looks blurry, it is this goal that will keep you going. It will be the silver lining, shining through the gloomy clouds. 

We have gone on this journey with many. And we have also found out that too much weight may lead to health issues, discourage you from exercising, affect your self-esteem, and general perception of life. What’s more? It is tied to long-held ways of doing things, hence difficult to change. That is why this course is here to help you.  

While the course goal is clear—lose 10 pounds in four weeks, that is about 4.5kg—this manual is the guide that will help you on the journey. Yet, there are some tools that you need before the journey begins.

An Open Mind: A closed mind never learns anything. This is a learning experience. It may involve unlearning several things that you’ve learned all your life. It is time to embrace new learning. Keep your mind open. 

Writing Tools: Right from your personal goal to the end of the journey, you will need to be taking down notes.  While the goal is clear, you may need to breakdown of how you want to achieve it, per day, per week, per meal. The guide is dotted with exercises that will change your life one decision at a time. And to make them a reality, you may have to take notes. Write brief love—or exercise—notes to yourself daily. 

“Self Skills”: We call them self skills because they are needed for you to enjoy and complete the journey. You are the focus of this process—the centre. Never forget that. So, you will need all the discipline to stay motivated throughout the process. You will get tired. You will want to give up but keep your eye on the goal.  Ready now? We are. 

For ease, we have divided the course into modules. Each module is further broken down into parts for clarity. Let’s get started.