Everyday Fitness for the Healthy Student

Do you know you don’t have to be in the gym to exercise? A lot of people attribute not being able to afford a gym membership to not being active. Another complain is lack of time, however, these tricks show that it is not a lack of time that affects exercise rather it is more a lack of ideas. Here are some exercise tricks that beat time: 

Fit it into your Daily Routine: How many steps do you count daily? You go to school everyday, do you consciously brisk walk for an hour? You can share the time spent just sitting down in your hostel with exercising. You can even invite your friends to go on a long jog/walk with you after school. What is your excuse? Download the Nike Run App or Couch to 5k now to help you track your walk and daily steps!

Team No Excuses: Instead of just scrolling on social media catching up on the latest soaps, you can do some light exercises—squats, jumping jacks, and more indoor exercises. You can jump while warming your food in the microwave. You can walk up the stairs instead of using the escalators. The beauty of exercise is in finding it in the small slots, the few minutes, the loose hour, the stagnant seconds. Fill it up with exercise!

Get Support: Make sure you use the group to the maximum for support. Sometimes all that you need is that coach or friend that can hold you by the hand, walk with you in the park, jog with you on the streets as you start your journey. They can work with you within your time schedule. They provide the motivation needed to guide you towards the achievement of your goals. Once you settle into your regimen, you become more independent and can continue on your own.