Cabbage Potatoes Soup


1 Cabbage Head 

2 Bell Peppers  

3 Large Tomatoes  

2 Large Onions 

3 Cups Chicken Broth

1 Canned Tomatoes

2 Tablespoons  Sunflower Oil 

1 Cup Water 

5 Sticks Celery 

4 Small Irish Potatoes – peeled and chopped 

1 Corn on the cob – cut off the cob

1 Tablespoon Dry Pepper 

1 Teaspoon Salt 

Season as desired.   


1. Chop all ingredients finely separately   

2. Fry onions with oil, add celery, bell peppers, and tomatoes for few minutes.  

3. Add chicken broth, pepper and pepper soup seasonings or any of your choice.  

4. Simmer for 2 minutes  

5. Add the cabbage, potatoes, corn and water.  

6. Cook for 30 minutes and serve.