Eat Clean with April

Eat clean and lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks.

Accept the challenge!

April Laugh

Get fit, stay fit

Are you ready to experience a healthier lifestyle? April Laugh brings you an exclusive online nutrition course and clean eating challenge! 

With years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients from over 25 countries, April Laugh is here to help you lose weight without endangering your health or slipping back into old eating habits.

Ready to feel as fit as it gets?

Join our brand new course and challenge yourself!

What does the course cover?

The course is designed to meet the universal needs of anyone looking to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

While each of us has a different metabolism and body mechanisms affecting our weight, there are still essentials which apply to everyone.

At a fair and affordable price, you’ll receive priceless knowledge that will help you look amazing, feel great and boost your health for years to come.

Delicious meals helped me get control of my portion sizes, meal prep made mealtimes healthier and easier for me (and my family).


What’s the structure of the nutrition course?

Eat Clean with April is divided into 4 simple modules:

Module 1: Everything Counts

  1. Food for weight loss
  2. How to control your portion size
  3. How to count your calories
  4. How to weigh your food
  5. Eating clean: healthy food options

Over to you: a Q&A/activity session

Module 2: Eating Clean

  1. Good nutrition on a budget
  2. Mindful eating vs mindless eating
  3. Snacking & weight loss
  4. 7 healthy habits for weight loss
  5. Nutritional meal list

Over to you: a Q&A/activity session

Module 3: Meal Planning

  1. What is a ‘healthy meal plan’?
  2. 5 reasons to always plan your meals
  3. 3 tricks for effective meal planning
  4. Meal prep for eating clean
  5. Meal prepping on a budget

Over to you: a Q&A/activity session

Module 4: Exercise for Weight Loss

  1. Why is exercise important?
  2. Creating your own exercise routine
  3. Exercises for fat burning
  4. Create an exercise workout plan
  5. Exercise myths: what works, what doesn’t

Over to you: a Q&A/activity session

Healthy Nutritious Meals On the Meal Plans

April Laugh


At the end of the nutrition course, you’ll be in charge of your nutrition, know what to eat to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks, gain expert knowledge on portion control, calorie counting, eat your desired meals to lose weight and how to maintain the weight lost. 


April Laugh

Learn to apply your knowledge

Throughout the course, April Laugh will encourage you to apply your new knowledge through practical activities that will soon give visible results.

You will be invited to my closed group for more weight loss tips, accountability and to meet other challengers on the Eat Clean With April course.

Let’s eat clean and get into great shape!