Have You Always Dreamed of Writing Your Own Book?

Or, have you already Written your First Manuscript but need help with How to Publish Your Own Book?

Whatever the case, and wherever you are in the process, April's new course will help you to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true!

Who is April Laugh?

April Laugh is a successfully published writer, several times over, as well as a respected fitness coach and a certified nutritionist. She has used her expertise to design fitness programs and nutrition courses that have helped thousands of people around the world to improve their lifestyles with healthy habits. Now, she's sharing her valuable knowledge and experience of the world of publishing too, in her new course: Write Your Book in 30 Days.

The Course Material Includes:

In April's new course, she shares her knowledge and expertise in all things publishing to guide you through the whole process: from the spark of an idea, through to a published book you can be proud of!

What not to do:

April candidly shares the mistakes she made herself when she wrote her first book, so that you can know the potential pitfalls in advance and more importantly, how to avoid them

Good Writing Practices:

How and where you should be writing your book, what to write about, and the question of writing for profit vs. pleasure

Setting the Pace:

How to keep yourself accountable and motivated and get that all important first chapter written.

Doing the Work:

April’s course gets right into the nitty gritty of actually doing the work and writing your book. From outlining your ideas, organising them, breaking them up into chapters and bringing everything together in a first draft.

The Mechanics of Publishing:

The course includes detailed instructions regarding how to format, edit, and get your book ready for printing; how to turn the ideas in your head into a tangible thing you can hold in your hand.

Traditional Publishing vs. E-Books:

With a wealth of experience and published titles in both, April shares the pros and cons to give you all the information you need ahead of publishing your own book


As an added bonus when you purchase the course and find out how to publish your own book, you will also receive extra content on how to sell your first 100 copies! You’ll learn:

  • How to market your new book on social media
  • How to identify and reach out to your target audience
  • How to get your book listed in bookstores
  • How to price your book, because you deserve to be well paid for your talent!

Write Your Book in 30 Days

See How Easily You Can Become A Published Author!

April has produced a course that’s packed with practical advice and valuable, first-hand insights to help turn the ideas in your head into something tangible you can be proud of. She covers everything from pulling your first draft together through to actually publishing your own book, in an easily digestible and actionable format.

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Our Pricing Options


This is for you if you only want access to the course and get all the necessary information you need in writing your own book and publishing. You’ll get an in-depth analysis on how I started my journey as a writer to becoming a published author with best selling books on Amazon.

  • Course Curriculum
  • Number of Videos
  • Access to online community
  • Access to bonuses
  • Actionable steps to guide you
  • Personal Accountability
  • 1 Year Access to Course Content

If you go for this package, you’ll get access to ALL in Team Plan and work personally with me. We will brainstorm the best book for you to start with, pricing your book and launching your book.

  • Personalized accountability coaching for 30 days.
  • Daily access to April for questions and recommendations based on personal experience.
  • Actionable steps, weekly goal setting and weekly assignments as I provide extensive feedback.
  • Weekly 30 minutes zoom calls with April
  • Support on launching and promoting your book when it’s published.

They Say

What They Say

Writing a book can be very overwhelming especially for a first time writer. I remember when I was writing my first book, it was so stressful. I had so much going on at the time, I didn’t even know how to get my book published. I ran these worries of mine pass April and she took my under her wings. She was very very supportive and pointed me in the right direction. With her guidance I was able to meet my target without hassle, literally took the stress off me. I’m so grateful.

Food Ace - Food Blogger

With April’s thorough coaching, I wrote my book within a month. She knows her stuff!!!!! She is professional, punctual and supportive. I highly recommend this program🔥🔥

Tutu Akinyede- Principal

Working on my book didn't feel daunting as i expected. April Laugh was thorough with the meeting with me, asking me important questions and setting me a task to complete a launch breakdown. Her feedback was meticulous plus giving recommendations to any area i needed more options for contact. For example a Graphic designer and printing company. Pre-order "write your book in 30days" is a great opportunity for anyone interested in publishing a book.

KC Ejelonu - Actress


On top of the course, and the bonuses, there’s an extra challenge to really motivate you and help you hit the ground running: Write Your Own Book In Thirty Days! …yes, really!

Just thirty days from starting the course, you could have your first book written and ready to share with the world.

And if you’ve already written a book? You’ve got a head start already and we can get straight to work teaching you everything you need to know about how to publish your own book.

Perhaps the best thing about the course, is that everything you learn will be so valuable, it will keep helping you over and over again through your flourishing writing career. Because once you’ve written and published your first book, what’s stopping you from repeating the process infinitely?

As any successful writer will tell you, having a great idea is only a small part of writing and publishing a book – but with the benefit of April’s experience at your fingertips, you’ll have your very own blueprint for success that you can refer to and repeat as many times and as frequently as you’d like.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your writing career the kick-start it deserves. Invest in your own talent and get ready to share your words with the world!