Category: Transformations

Toyin K

“So, I decided to do something about my weight; eating habits and fitness level. My first workout, as part of the group, was on 23rd of May, 2016. It is one year today that I signed up to ALF group; have I reached my desired weight? NO, (food won’t let somebody be great!) but I […]


“Trying to control my weight had been a struggle for as long as I can remember. I was a “well fed baby,” you see that toddler who always has an extra bottle of milk… that was me. When we were in uni, being a size 16, I vividly remember arguing with Yello that I couldn’t […]


“So a lot of my friends will know about 5years ago I lost quite a bit of weight through a fitness bootcamp but unfortunately I had to stop due to work commitments! The weights piled on gradually and when I started to struggle into my size 14s after my summer holiday this year I knew […]

Lillian O

“My name is Lillian, I’m a mum of 3. I met April on Instagram as I was just scrolling up and down. I saw her transformation pic of when she just had her son and her seven months later pic, and I was immediately inspired. I said to myself if she can do this I […]


“I so much wanted to get rid of the tummy fat and shed some weight, I wanted it so bad that I bought patches, tea, coffee, waist trainer; just name all the shed-it-fast schemes you know. It all resulted to nothing; the most I got from one of them was loosing 3kg. Signing up with […]


“There are many days when I don’t feel up to it. There are days when my job keeps me from working out as hard and as long as I want. There are days when I don’t even see the changes. But I keep going. April will always check on me when I’m being “absent”. April […]


August 2016, my sister-in-law came into town and she looked really good. She told me about Aprillaugh, how it’s not about dieting but lifestyle changes with group of women encouraging each other to achieve their goals. I prayed that God should take total control and I contacted April. She was gracious, humble and very welcoming. […]