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“I remember going through April’s page for the first time on Instagram and seeing people’s transformation pictures thinking how can they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner; and still lose weight. It’s definitely photoshopped. 😲Then I decided to follow her so that I could see more transformation pics and judge better if they are photoshopped or […]


“First I was a bit hesitant to join because the previous ones didn’t motivate me enough to achieve my goals but seeing all the transformation pictures I decided to give it a try😊😊… so I contacted April through an email and trust me I got the quickest response ever. So I was like well I […]


“My gosh!! A lot has happened this year but I thank God for the last 3 months I have spent with April Laugh and her amazing team. I had been wanting to shed a few extra pounds, become fitter and live a healthier life. It had got to the point where I was beginning to get […]


“I’ve struggled constantly with trying to lose weight since I was in high school. This isn’t really long ago when you’re only 20 and every year, I would say to myself “this year…summer 20xx” loading” but every year it never happened. Just before starting #LifestylechangewithApril in August, I decided this was the final time I’ll […]


“I’m currently on the LifestyleChangeWithApril. This is an experience you cannot miss. I’ve tried a few programs before: weight-watchers, Dr Atkins, nutrisystem, optifast, Jenny Craig, LA Weight loss center, Herbalife – you name it I’ve tried it all. The difference between all of those programs & April Laugh is the support system. Her meal plans […]


“Starting the lifestylechange with April is the best decision I’ve made this year! Not only do you lose weight,you lose weight while eating the best of meals and having fun. I’ve met some amazing ladies,I’ve got the coolest coach in town and the most amazing FMs. This is not just a weight loss programme but […]


“Hmm where do I start from…After my first child I was told exclusive breastfeeding will make my tummy go town which I did but men 🤣🤣no show, had my second and I really wanted a change so I found the LifestyleChangeWithApril on IG which I joined and God helping me it has been good so […]


“I remember my conversation with my Coach of Life vividly. I was apprehensive while she was reeling out the guidelines then I blurted out I do not run ooo April; in a chilled voice she said that’s fine then you walk. 😂 I have had seasonal diets, I had slogans ” I have always been big […]


“I don’t want to sound so cliché on this post but maybe I would.  6weeks ago I was weighing 74kgs, I had tried to manage my meals to lose weight but it wasn’t working. I felt heavy and I didn’t like my look so much. What was worse was that I didn’t have any strength […]


“I stumbled upon April Laugh on instagram at a time when I was struggling with weight loss. My baby was almost 2 and I still couldn’t shift the baby weight. I thought I was eating healthy enough. Lol. When I saw the transformations on April’s page, I was so inspired and felt this could be […]