April Laugh

I am passionate about people, passionate about helping others and generally speaking, a woman trying to make a difference in the world. I helped my husband lose over 40kg during our long-distance relationship and he has since kept it off! This attitude gave me a push to help other people and I’ve been able to reach out to thousands of people online with the LifestyleChangeWithApril 12-week weight loss challenge.

I believe eating clean should never be boring and I also believe in a healthy lifestyle rather than a quick diet fix. I always feel very sad for people that starve, drink weird teas or go on extreme fads because they want to lose weight. I know most people desire to lose weight while they can still eat their favourite meals and this is where the LifestyleChangeWithApril comes in. With years of research on eating clean and being a nutritionist, I’ve been able to create meal plans that are helping people all over the world shed tons of pounds and changing their lifestyle from flab to fit. With any plan you sign up for, be ready to live your best life with April!

April Laugh Fitness

April Laugh Fitness is different and distinctive - with a unique holistic approach that covers a total wellness for everyone that signs up. We are all for living a fit and healthy life. We believe in eating nutritious meals, exercising and having fun while achieving our goals. We create healthy sustainable habits and not restrictions. Our approach enables you to achieve your weight loss goals and keep it off forever! Join our community of amazing healthy people living their best life on the LifestyleChangeWithApril.

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