OMG! Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Yes! The countdown is on… soon it will be Christmas once more, which means it’s time for the chocolates and snacks to come rolling in. And while we deserve to enjoy ourselves (this year more than ever!) we also need to make sure our bodies stay happy and healthy, maximising our chances of staying safe against common winter ailments. That’s where my 50 days to Christmas challenge comes in. On this challenge, I’ll be helping you keep track of your calories, eating clean, and achieving your body goals without a gym membership.

Though we’re all bound to cheat a little bit with any diet we go for during the Christmas and New Year period, it’s important that we stick to it as much as possible. These healthy eating habits should be instilled as soon as possible leading up to the peak Christmas period so that they become more like reflexes rather than a burdensome habit. By taking part in my 50 days to Christmas challenge, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to motivate yourself into eating right – and continue eating right as the days grow shorter and darker.

The last thing anybody wants to do is head out for a jog when it’s dark, icy, cold, or rainy. That’s a large reason why so many of us let our bodies go past their optimal health during Christmas time. And after all, exercising isn’t always at the top of your to-do list when there are Christmas decorations to be put up, pies to be baked, and presents to be bought and wrapped. But investing that little bit of time every day to do some exercises AT HOME with our community can actually improve your Christmas experience massively. This is because exercise triggers the release of endorphins, which are one of the brain’s main happy chemicals!

During the 50 Days to Christmas Challenge, you will get access to:

Expert Coaches & Trainers. Joining our expert trainers to lead you in our LIVE community workouts, and a supportive community of members around the world who are working right alongside you.

Group fitness workouts.  Cut the time to drive to the gym and join daily LIVE workouts via Zoom to help you burn fat, tone up and get you unbelievable results in 50 days.

Group accountability & coaching. It’s easy to say “I want to lose a dress size before Christmas” but not actually sticking to your words. On our group coaching, we help you make this dream come true  by tracking your results and keeping you accountable DAILY.

Weekly Weigh-In. To further keep you on track, we have weekly weigh-ins to ensure you’re seeing results and give professional advise for your struggles so you can see progress.

 A simple and easy to follow nutrition plan. Eat all your favourite meals with our carefully tailored meal plans and recipes to meet your nutritional needs.

  A tailored shopping list – Why spend so much time at the supermarket when you can simply follow our tailored shopping list weekly.

  Weekly fun fitness & lifestyle challenges Join fun lifestyle and fitness challenges to keep the weight off and feel amazing in time for Christmas!


“I weighed 126kg and had a barrage of weight-associated illnesses. I had tried some things on my own but failed. However, when I joined your program, I began to see better results. I lost 5kg at first, and then 9.4kg in a month. By November 2020, I had lost 51kg! The difference between my previous efforts and yours was that you offer a complete lifestyle change as opposed to just weight loss. Now? I weigh 85.5kg! My arthritis is about 70% gone. The high blood pressure is gone! The depression is gone! Fatty liver? Gone! I’m fine! I’m fine! I’m fine!”

"I am just super hyped about how healthy I feel, how fit and fast I am and how light I feel with no back or knee pains. It’s sometimes surreal and unbelievable even to myself. My brother-in-law told me how weird it is to see someone so excited to workout everyday. I’m literally grinning from ear to wear when it’s time to workout. I am convinced that there;s some happy hormones that come with the sweat during our workouts."

"I started this journey because of health reasons but I was just too lazy to exercise. I however got interested in April Laugh’s class and joined. I’m super happy I did this. My dresses are getting bigger and people are noticing the shrink. I will not be carried away until I achieve my goal of dropping all the weight and going off medication completely. Thank you April for helping out. "

"When I started I was so bothered about the scaled but I was winning even more in my mental health so I kept pushing. Now, I am winning both ways. This journey has helped me to love pushing my body to different exercises. I stopped being sedentary in my lifestyle. I have stopped feeling like juices, coke etc are a sign of good living. I have stopped existing and actually started living!"

“This group has pushed me to go beyond my greatest fears and I will forever be grateful. I have discovered my long lost love for working out… and instead of food, I reward myself with gym clothes. My self-confidence and self-love are back as well. Thank you April. But also, thanks to all you amazing ladies here. You keep me on my toes”

“I am so excited. What!!!! The scale is finally moving. It’s a miracle! Thank you Coach. This is a carefully planned program. You’re good at your crafy. Well done to my team members. Congratulations to you all for finishing week 1. Very tough but we made it!”

“Thank you so much for everything! In the 30 days of the program, I lost 6kg roughly. This was the rush I needed and I am happy I joined! It has made me more self-disciplined by not binge eating. I am now able to control myself when it comes to food. Thanks again!”

“I started at 83kg and now (30 days later) I weigh 76.5kg! I am very grateful for this community. This experience has set me on the right path and I’m really grateful to April and everyone here. We mooove!”

What do you gain on the 50 Days to Christmas Challenge?

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